John D. Richards

Senior Scientist Emeritus


PhD, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MS, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BS, Anthropology, Northern Michigan University


Late prehistoric period in Midwest, ceramic analysis, compositional analysis, history of anthropology and archaeology, theory and practice of cultural resource management, archaeology of Ireland.

Other Relevant Activities

Director, UWM Cultural Resource Management Services (1997-present)
Assistant Director, UWM Archaeological Research Laboratory (1997-present)
Adjunct Curator, Milwaukee Public Museum (2010-present)
Editor, The Wisconsin Archeologist (1997-2010)
President, Wisconsin Archeological Society (1996-1997)

Courses Taught

Anthro 101 – Introduction to Anthropology: Human Origins
Anthro 103 – Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology
Anthro 308 – North American Archaeology
Anthro 310 – Archaeology of Middle America
Anthro 499/700 – Advanced Techniques In Archaeological Fieldwork
Anthro 465 – Archaeology and Historic Preservation
Anthro 535 – Archaeological Ceramic Analysis
Anthro 562 – Techniques and Problems in Archaeology: Introduction to Archaeological Mapping
Anthro 565 – Great Lakes Archaeology
Anthro 566 – Archaeological Analysis and Report Preparation
Anthro 641 – Archaeological Curation and the Crisis in the Closet: A Practicum in Management and Care of Research Collections
Anthro 942 – Historical Perspectives on the Development of Archaeological Thought
Anthro 942 – Mississippian Societies and Their Hinterlands

Selected Publications

Richards, J. D. (2015). Online Review: Handheld XRF for Art and Archaeology. American Journal of Archaeology, 119.1.

J. L. Picard and J. D. Richards (2014). Archaeology Around Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Investigations at Aztalan by the 2013 Advanced Archaeological Field School. The Wisconsin Archeologist, 95(1), 138-142.

Hart, J., W. A. Lovis, R. J. Jeske and J. D. Richards (2012). The Potential of Bulk δ 13C on Encrusted Cooking Residues As Independent Evidence for Regional Maize Histories. American Antiquity 77(2), 315–325.

Richards, John D., Thomas J. Zych and Katie Z. Rudolph (2012). Archaeological Investigations at the Aztalan Site (47JE1) By the 2011 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Archaeological Field School. The Wisconsin Archeologist, 93(1): 95-101.

Richards, J. D. (2011). Review of: The Archaeology of Everyday Life at Early Moundville by Gregory D. Wilson. Illinois Archaeology, 23: 213-216.

Richards, J. D. (2010). Archaeology Around Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Historic Resource Management Services. The Wisconsin Archeologist, 91(1),137-139.

Richards, J. D. and J. A. Clauter (2009). The “Midden Years:” Morphological and Compositional Variation in Ceramics from the Riverside II Site (20ME40), Menominee County, Michigan. The Wisconsin Archeologist, 90 (1 &2): 145-173.

Richards, J. D. and J. M. Skibo, eds. (2009). A Superior Kind of Archaeology: Papers in Honor of Marla M. Buckmaster, The Wisconsin Archeologist 90 (1 &2).

Richards, J. D. (2007). Viewing the Ruins: The Early Documentary History of the Aztalan Site. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 91(2): 28-39.