Robert J. Jeske

Professor Emeritus


PhD, Northwestern University

Courses Taught

Anthro 103 - Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology
Anthro 304 - Violence and Warfare in Prehistory (online)
Anthro 308 - Archaeology of North America
Anthro 501 - Archaeology of Death
Anthro 502 - Lithic Analysis: Stone Tools and Behavior
Anthro 562 - Techniques and Problems in Archaeology
Anthro 566 - Archaeological Analysis and Report Preparation
Anthro 567 - Archaeological Field School
Anthro 802 - Perspectives on Prehistory
Anthro 942 - Seminar on Prehistory and Archaeology (The Organization of Lithic Technology)


My research interests include archaeological method and theory–particularly how economics and population interactions foster group identity and ethnicity. I also actively investigate stone tool production and use, survey methods and settlement models, mortuary studies, canine activities, site formation processes and experimental archaeology. I have performed fieldwork in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Mexico, and Ireland. I am currently collaborating on a number of interrelated projects with colleagues and students using radiocarbon, lithic, ceramic, copper, osteological, and environmental data to clarify the culture history and lifeways in the western Great Lakes region. I am also involved in public archaeology and historic preservation and have worked with government, non-profit, Tribal, and private organizations to use archaeology to serve the public interest.

Relevant Professional Activities

President, Midwest Archaeological Conference (2014-2016)
Senator, UW Milwaukee Faculty Senate (2012-2017)
Board of Directors, Wisconsin Archaeological Survey (2011-2017)
Chair, UW Milwaukee Department of Anthropology (2004-2008)
Treasurer, Midwest Archaeological Conference (2003-2005)
President, Wisconsin Archaeological Survey (2001-2003), Vice President, (1999-2000)
Board of Directors, Central States Anthropological Association (1999-2001)
Director, UW Milwaukee Archaeological Research Laboratory (1997-present)
Indiana State Historic Preservation Review Board (1991-1997)
Board of Directors, Council for the Conservation of Indiana Archaeology (1990-1995) Secretary-
Treasurer (1991-1994)
Executive Board of Directors, Illinois Archaeological Survey (1989-1991; 1998-2000)

Selected Publications

Jeske, R. J., Edwards, R. W., & Katherine, S. M.(Eds). (2020) Life, Death, and Landscapes at Lake Koshkonong: Oneota Archaeology in Southeastern Wisconsin.Midwest Archaeological Conference Occasional Publications /Taylor and Francis.
Jeske, R. J., Sterner, K. M., & Edwards, R. W.(2020) New Perspectives from Lake Koshkonong.Life, Death, and Landscapes at Lake Koshkonong: Oneota Archaeology in Southeastern Wisconsin, 4, 1-26. Midwest Archaeological Conference Occasional Publications /Taylor and Francis.
Jeske, R. J., Edwards, R. W., & Katherine, S. M.(Eds). (2020) The Social Landscape of Eleventh to Fifteenth-Century Lake Koshkonong.Midwest Archaeological Conference Occasional Papers, 103–118. Midwest Archaeological Conference Occasional Publications /Taylor and Francis/.
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