1. Deadlines for submission of materials to the Vice Chancellor’s Office:

Faculty promotions and tenure recommendations: March 4, 2024
Report on non-retentions: March 4, 2024
Notice of non-retention: [see below]
Retirement: Provost’s Budget Meeting
Emeritus designations: March 18, 2024
Report of Personnel Activities for Unclassified Staff 2021-2022: March 18, 2024

These deadlines were derived from UW System deadlines for getting the promotions and tenures, and terminations, including non-renewals, into the next year’s budget cycle and to get the promotion and tenure recommendations on the agenda for the June Board of Regents meeting.

In order to meet the deadline for submission to the Provost’s office, it is necessary for the department Executive Committees to initiate the process early in the fall semester. The deadline for the EC to have the initial decision on P&T should be October 1. The decision of the EC along with the full portfolio including outside letters must be in the Dean’s office no later than December 1. The Divisional Committee recommendation must be in the Dean’s office by end of February facilitating the transmittal of the portfolio and Dean’s recommendation to the Provost by the above deadline.

In summary, here are the suggested deadlines for the process:

Action: Completed by:
Executive Committee notification of probationary faculty September 1, 2023
EC compilation of external letters November 1, 2023
EC decision on promotion and tenure to Dean December 1, 2023
Forwarding of file to Divisional Committee by Dean December 15, 2023
Divisional Committee recommendation to Dean February 12-16, 2024
Dean transmittal to Provost March 4, 2024

2. Promotion/Retention Recommendations:

Faculty: Deans’ recommendations for all promotions must be received in my office no later than March 4. 2024. Since such recommendations must be preceded by the deliberations of appropriate faculty bodies, I am requesting that you proceed with all due speed on matters concerning promotion as well as those concerning reappointment. Chapter 5 of UWM [Faculty] Policies and Procedures are applicable to faculty in considering appointments, promotions, and non-renewals.

Divisional Committees are reminded to prioritize reviews involving tenure before those just involving promotion (e.g., promotion from associate to full professor). Promotions of already tenured faculty taking place past the deadline will be submitted to UWS as “out of cycle” approval requests. This will take place in time for the 2024-25 budget year.

Academic Staff: A decision on indefinite appointment for Non-Teaching and Instructional & Research Academic Staff will normally be made no later than the end of the sixth year of probationary service [Chapter 107]. A probationary appointment cannot exceed seven years of service except in those circumstances described in Chapter 104.03. In the event that an Academic Staff member requires an extension of the probationary period, the policy specified in Chapter 104.03 shall be followed. UWM Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures are applicable.

3. Materials to Include with Recommendations:

The following materials should be sent for making a decision on a dean’s recommendation.

  1. All letters of actions taken and transmittal (executive committee through dean)
  2. All confidential and “open” letters of review of the candidate
  3. The candidate’s curriculum vitae
  4. Student and peer evaluations of teaching

If we require more information, we will solicit that material from you as needed.

4. Non-retention Notice Periods:

Faculty: As stated in the UWM Policies and Procedures 5.19, the written notification of reappointment or non-retention shall be given to probationary faculty as follows:

  1. When the appointment expires at the end of the academic year, not later than March 1 of the first academic year and not later than December 15 of the second consecutive year of service.
  2. If the initial appointment expires during an academic year, at least 3 months prior to its expiration; if a second consecutive appointment terminates during the academic year, at least 6 months prior to its expiration.
  3. After 2 or more years of continuous service at UWM, such notice shall be given at least 12 months before the expiration of the appointment.
  4. If proper notice is not given as designated above, the faculty member shall be entitled to a one-year terminal appointment. Such appointments shall, however, not result in the achievement of tenure.

For administrative consistency, the notice periods required by (2) and (3) above will have the following deadlines at UWM.

  • Three months: – by February 15
  • Six months: – by November 20
  • Twelve months: – by May 15

These deadlines relate to the faculty contractual period, and apply to probationary faculty members who are on a regular academic appointment cycle running until the end of the academic year. In the case of faculty on annual appointments, a June 30 deadline will apply. For special cases of non-retention of probationary faculty, please consult with Andrew Daire, Provost and Vice Chancellor.

Academic Staff: The rules for notification of academic staff members as specified in the Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS 10.05 and “UWM Academic Staff Policies and Procedures Chapter 108”, require the following notice periods:

Pursuant to UWS 10.05, if a fixed-term or probationary academic staff appointment will not be renewed, written notice shall be given to the employee in advance of the expiration of the employment contract as described below. If proper notice of nonrenewal is not given, the appointment shall be extended so that at least the minimum required notice period is provided.

1. Fixed-term appointment of 50% or greater, regardless of funding source:

Years Employed

Minimum Required Notice Period

0-2 years

Three months

>2-6 years

Six months

>6 years

Twelve months


    • If the employment contract states that renewal is not intended, no further notice is required; however, for individuals with six or more cumulative years of service to the University, notice separate from the employment contract is required regardless of contract language.
    • For individuals with fixed-term appointments who (1) are funded by grants or other short-term funding and (2) have received notice of nonrenewal separate from their employment contract under this chapter, the individual’s appointment may be extended beyond the initial date in the nonrenewal notice, without requiring another notice of nonrenewal, if additional funding becomes subsequently available and the extension (or cumulative extensions) is for a time period shorter than the notice period required for that employee. (AS Doc 108, 9/2017)

2. Fixed-term appointment of less than 50%:

No minimum notice period is required.

3. Probationary appointment:

Years Employed

Minimum Required Notice Period

0-1 year

Three months

>1-2 years

Six months

>2 years

Twelve months

4. Limited title with concurrent academic staff appointment:

  • When an academic staff member with a limited title appointment is terminated, the notice period defined above is applied to the appropriate concurrent appointment.

5. Report on Personnel Activities for Unclassified Staff:

We are requesting that the summary Report of Personnel Activities for Unclassified Staff be submitted to our office not later than March 20, 2023. Below is a sample of the format for how this information is to be compiled.

Please make very certain that all policies attendant to reviews are strictly followed. In particular, notification time lines for non-retention are critical items. Please direct any questions you may have to Provost and Vice Chancellor Andrew Daire (414-229-4501; daire@uwm.edu) or Cheryl Andres (414-229-2721; candres@uwm.edu).



Name, Rank, Department
Gender, Race
Action Taken (ex: Promotion to Associate Professor w/Tenure)
Group/Body Taking Action (ex: Consideration by Dept Ex Comm on 12/11/21)
Vote: (ex: 7 yes, 0 no, 2 abstentions)
Group/Body Taking Action (ex: Consideration by Div Comm on 2/9/22)
Vote: (ex: 3 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)

Name, Rank, Department
Gender, Race
Action Taken (ex: Reappoint for three year [2nd year renewal])
Group/Body Taking Action (ex: Consideration by Dept Ex Comm on 11/17/21)
Vote: (ex: 7 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions)

Name, Rank, Department
Gender, Race
Action Taken (ex: Denial of promotion to associate professor w/tenure [6th year] Group/Body Taking Action (ex: Consideration by Dept Ex Comm on 1/28/22)
Vote: (2 yes, 7 no, 6 abstentions)

Name, Rank, Department
Gender, Race
Action Taken (ex: Retirement effective 5/21/22)
(Dept Ex Comm approved emeritus status 3/12/22)

Name, Rank, Department
Gender, Race
Action Taken (ex: Resignation effective 5/21/22)
Reason (if given)