September 20, 2016

Today’s UC meeting, guest-chaired by Michael Brondino, included a discussion with Provost Britz, and another round of revisions on the Post Tenure Review document. The Provost reported that Rodney Swain will be stepping down as Dean of the College of Letters and Science on June 30, 2017, and asked the UC for names for the search committee. He intends to begin the external search for a new Dean as soon as possible, so that an interim will not be necessary. Members of the UC asked that the structure of L&S be examined. The Provost also remarked that final enrollment numbers will be in next week, currently we are down 3.7%. He believes that we need to move to a stabilized enrollment of 25-26k students. While our current budget cannot sustain our current payroll, he did not say how many faculty and staff we can support. Accreditation requirements have driven hiring, but he hopes that once we have dealt with the current budget cut, schools and colleges will be able to hire in strategic areas. After the Provost left, the UC spent time revising the Post Tenure Review document in light of comments from last Thursday’s Senate meeting. The UC will continue discussion of the PTR document next week.


September 13, 2016

Three guests joined the UC this week: Hope Longwell-Grice, Michael Wilson, and Mark Mone. Longwell-Grice, Associate Dean of the School of Education, asked and was given permission to augment the Executive Committee of the Department of Administrative Leadership.

Michael Wilson, Chair of the Affirmative Action for Faculty Employment Committee, presented the UC with a draft survey that the AAFEC is developing for faculty. The survey is designed to get a sense of current campus climate and how faculty diversity might be impacted by the budget cuts.

Chancellor Mone also joined the UC to discuss campus safety training, undergraduate enrollment, the lump sum adjustment, and his upcoming plenary. The campus will be rolling out 20 safety training sessions open to all and geared to classroom staff, including Faculty, Academic Staff, and Teaching Assistants. The final numbers for fall undergraduate enrollment should be available in the next ten days. Without doubt, enrollment is down. At this point, it is down by over three percent. While applications are up, yield (or the number of admits who come) has decreased. The Chancellor explained that prospective students are applying to many more schools than they have in years past. CEMAT (Chancellor’s Enrollment Management Action Team) is looking at a wide range of issues, and is using DPI (Department of Public Instruction) data about Wisconsin high school students and their matriculation patterns. Enrollments from Illinois are up 38%, which puts that pool of students into the hundreds. The Chancellor gives the fall plenary address Thursday, September 15th at 2:30pm in Zelazo. The UC encourages the campus community to attend. The plenary will also be streamed online if you cannot make it in person.

John Reisel’s report, as UC Chair, summarized his prior discussion with the Provost. He had asked the Provost to articulate the vision for the university in terms of faculty recruitment. Instead of a vision, he was given a list of three priorities: maintaining R1 status, increasing research funding, and improving student success. The Deans are now in charge of coming up with hiring plans for their units.

In the “Where’s Waldo?” section of the meeting, Reisel revealed that the US News and World Report’s 2017 rankings for “Best Colleges” has just been released and that, despite our R1 status, UWM moved significantly down the National Universities rankings to the illustrious position of “rank not published.” Marquette is tied for #86, and UW-Madison is at #44.

Michael Brondino shared a report from the APBC. The Chancellor has asked the Budget Model Working Group to revisit the budget model to see if it supports our R1 status. 

September 6, 2016

As we welcome back students and colleagues for the start of the fall semester, the UC discussed a variety of topics this week. The chair’s report was brief and related that the Secretary of the University conducted a workshop on T&P procedures for department chairs last week. We spent the bulk of the meeting discussing two important issues: the strong desire for an overall vision for the campus, which will guide “strategic position control” and provide the campus community with a greater sense of purpose; and the newly announced “lump sum compensation adjustment.” The chair will ask questions to the campus administration to clarify whether the one-time “lump sum” could be taken as S&E instead of salary, as many faculty have little to no money to cover research travel costs. Some members of the UC also took issue with the way that the lump sums are calculated, as a percentage tied to salary, which benefits those on the top of the pay scale more than those at the bottom. The one-time lump sum is going to all Faculty, Academic Staff, and University Staff as long as they are “solid performers” and have been hired before July 1, 2015. It is also going to all, regardless of recent base salary increases, including administrators who have managed to receive raises in the last few years and faculty who have taken counteroffers. Next week we will be joined by the Chancellor.

August 30, 2016

Provost Johannes Britz and Associate Vice Chancellor Dev Venugopalan joined today’s UC meeting. The Provost gave updates on the status of several units including: the School of Freshwater Science, the School of Continuing Education, and the three Health related units. Dean searches are moving forward in the Zilber School of Public Health and the College of Nursing.The Office of Research will be integrated more closely with Academic Affairs. Advising of undecided undergraduates will be centralized. Associate Vice Chancellor Robert Smith is leading a committee to come up with a plan for the integration of our multicultural centers to better serve our students. John Reisel reported on the status of the Post-Tenure review document, which has been sent to Codification. From the Academic Planning and Budget Committee, Michael Brondino reported that the Course Duplication committee met and suggested cross-listing duplicate courses. The University is looking at an $18 million base cut in the upcoming year. General enrollments, including international students, are down, but students coming from Illinois and transfer students are up. Campus wide, we hired only 10 new faculty this past year.

August 23, 2016

The UC welcomed three newly elected members of the committee: Jasmine Alinder, John Boyland, and Marcia Parsons. Ron Perez, interim Dean of the Zilber School of Public Health, joined us to discuss the steps the School is taking to meet accreditation requirements. Accreditors are coming in October and will make a decision in June. The UC chair report included an update on the work of the Integrated Support Services (ISS) committee, charged with finding ways to better organize IT, HR, and other business functions across campus. We then grappled with the working draft of the post-tenure review document (see link below) and discussed some small revisions to be made before it is sent to the Codification committee. We doled out a few committee appointments for UC members and began a discussion about how the university can better communicate our new R1 status in a way that affirms our commitment to teaching and that shows the benefits to students in the classroom.

Link: Post-tenure review v6.2 clean (updated August 30, 2016)

August 9, 2016

We meet with Chancellor Mone to discuss ongoing budget issues and also discussed the post tenure review policy that is being developed for fall.

We also meet with Andy Gronik, President of Stage W. He discussed different potential initiatives such as advancing urban farming, water, air quality hand and hand with creating jobs.

July 26, 2016

Provost Britz joined us and discussed preserving the research base at UWM. The UWM operating budget in the year ending June 30 was $31 million lower than the year before, accomplished with a combination of one time and base cuts. The campus did not have to exhaust its safety net of reserves to the extent expected earlier in the year. There will be additional budget cuts in 2016-17 as mandated by Act 55, and the campus is currently calculating whether it will be necessary to plan for $20 million in cuts as was done this year.

The committee awaits more detailed budget analyses of where the cuts were taken, by division and employment category. The committee is particularly concerned that our capacity to raise research funding will be impaired if the size of the faculty shrinks.

Another world university ranking system ranks UWM gives UWM a world rank of 322. See

Kyle Swanson and Laura Pedrick joined us to discuss the strategic enrollment management task force. The modeling team modeled projections for high school class side, tuition, etc. to determine where interventions (and investments) should be made. See for more detail. The goal of enrollment management is to stabilize and grow enrollments and tuition revenues.

We had pie in honor of Margo Anderson’s last UC meeting of her term.


July 12, 2016

The UC discussed changes to external grant funding support for graduate RAs being suggested by Mark Harris.  In particular, it is being suggested that grants request funds for the in-state tuition for RAs, and not for the non-resident tuition remission.  This will be accompanied by other changes payment of tuition for TAs/PAs/ RAs by individual schools and colleges.  The UC also briefly discussed the potential problems regarding post-docs working more than 40 hours a week while being paid a salary below ~$48,000; the federal government will be requiring these individuals to be paid time and a half for overtime.

The UC met with Chancellor Mark Mone for updates on campus issues.

The UC also worked through the draft of the post-tenure review policy.  Changes discussed will be incorporated into the policy, and it will soon be ready for consideration by the Faculty Senate.

June 14, 2016

We discussed the Regents meeting, including the delayed release of the 2016-17 operating budget materials. We met with Chancellor Mone and Provost Britz. The Regents have mandated the campus provide post tenure review policies for approval by the end of the Fall semester. The chair provided the committee with the Regent policy, the current documents, and preliminary language for revision. The committee will review these materials this summer and prepare draft documents in preparation for their submission to the faculty and approval by the Senate in the fall. Institutional research data indicate there are about 800 faculty at UWM. About a quarter have been in rank for about 10 years or more, either as associate or full professor