Dec 16, 2014

We met with ASC Chair Sarah Morgan and discussed the new plenary format where everyone will be invited to stay after the Chancellor’s speech in the effort to open up better channels of communication for all UWM workers. We also discussed issues about granting graduate faculty status to non-faculty members who are qualified to teach graduate students.

We moved on to discuss the Report from the UC for the upcoming Faculty Senate meeting, feeling that it was important to address the aggressive assault of faculty integrity on the part of some state legislators. We then received a follow-up about the hoped for implementation of a potential graduate assistantship pay increase, and concluding by debating some related budgetary issues.

Dec 9, 2014

We met with a faculty member who spoke about campus safety in the evening hours, and the fact that staff and faculty cannot take the BOSS (“Be On the Safe Side”) buses due  to how that program is funded. This led to a broader discussion about “disaggregated budgets” and the need to think of these things more holistically. In this case, we need “evening safe transit” for all of the UWM community, and will pursue the issue. Once the Provost arrived, we had a follow up on previous issues of the TKE fraternity house and Charter School recruitment. UWM has severed all ties with the fraternity, and the “money for students” Charter School recruitment will no longer be allowed. We had an animated discussion about faculty numbers, faculty exodus, and conversely, faculty recruitment and retention. We also discussed our ongoing messaging issues in regards to both internal and external communications and their impact on morale.

We then met with Interim Chancellor, Mark Mone, who updated us about numerous issues, such as the Med Scholars program, the Chancellor’s Task Force on Sexual Violence and how it is populated, the status of the Strategic Planning document in context of the timing of the Chancellor’s search, the idea of the Plenary being decoupled from the Faculty Senate which could make a joint meeting more inclusive of all UWM workers. We have the good news that marginal tuition revenue is projected at this point to be up between 1.2 and 1.6 million, which indicates a stabilizing “uptick” trend, and we also discussed the chaotic way that student scholarships are disbursed, and the need to do a better job with this. After this in-depth conversation, we met with the Secretary of the University to discuss the specificity of procedures for the FAGC (Faculty Appeals and Grievances Committee) and sought to clarify what kind of cases should come before that committee.

Nov 18, 2014

We began with a discussion of activities of the grassroots working group, UWM & MPS Civic Engagement Partnerships and how we can create deeper partnerships with MPS. We then discussed our feeling that further discussions and implementation of the Strategic Plan should wait until the Chancellor search has ended. We also met with the chair of the Codification Committee to review potential changes to P&P Chapters 6.21(2) & 4.04(4), regarding the prevention of potential conflicts of interest within departmental executive committees and faculty standing committees with faculty serving in high-level administrative roles. Specifics of wording went back to Codification for further clarification, and it was agreed that we would review it again when updated. We also reviewed the UC’s report for the upcoming Faculty Senate this Thursday, November 20th.

Nov 11, 2014

The UC first met with Interim Chancellor Mark Mone and discussed ongoing budgetary issues as well as the status of the proposed Union development, which is facing hurdles at the state level. We then met with editorial and educational Journal Sentinel staff. We had conversations about the nature and importance of research, the funding climate for higher education in the state, collaborative relationships with Marquette, our successes with internationalizing the campus, and some of our challenges with transportation within our geographically distributed campus.

Oct 28, 2014

We discussed funding structures and policies for graduate assistantships, and want to be sure that budgets reflect a research priority regarding compensation levels and would like to see an upcoming budget model that concretely reflects this.

Oct 21, 2104

We met with Sarah Morgan, chair of the Academic Staff Committee and discussed a post-plenary general meeting with all three employee governance groups present in order to enhance communications and build broader bridges regarding the work force at UWM. We also discussed budgetary issues and reviewed last week’s Faculty Senate meeting regarding Charter Schools and UWM’s lobbying functions.

Oct 14, 2014

We met with Office of Charter Schools Director, Adrienne Woods, to talk about UWM’s role with Charter Schools, and brief her on what to expect when she addresses Faculty Senate this week. We discussed frustrations with the new Microsoft email system and whether we have ability to seek changes in functionality of the software. After some closed session issues, we discussed how to continue to advocate for an increase in TA salaries so that the Senate resolution in support of this action is not moot. We are asking the APBC to move this conversation forward.

Oct 7, 2014

We met with Interim Chancellor Mark Mone and discussed UWM’s role with Charter Schools, the status of the investigation into the TKE fraternity malfeasance, and ongoing issues with the budget. We also discussed how to create good collaborative dynamics with Marquette University especially considering the interests of their new president.

In an effort to clarify agenda items regarding upcoming speakers at Faculty Senate, we will post the rationale explaining why guests are being invited to Senate. For the October 16 Faculty Senate, Vice Chancellor for University Relations Tom Luljak is requested to discuss government relations and lobbying efforts and its connection to shared governance. Also requested to speak is a representative from the School of Education who can field questions about our oversight relationship with Charter Schools especially in terms of recent controversial policies regarding some of our Charter’s “money for students” recruiting schemes.

Voter ID Cards for Students

The UC is working with UWM Administration in order to disseminate useful information to the campus about the new Voter ID law. We encourage all members of the UWM community to familiarize themselves with the new requirements, and to disseminate this information to students in classes and through other appropriate means. Below is a PDF outlining how students can get UWM’s free Voter ID cards, as well as a handy graphic that indicates what ID cards will meet the new restrictions.

Student Association Voter Page: (external link)

Student Voter ID Cards (pdf)

Acceptable Photo IDs in general (graphic)

Sept 23, 2014

The UC discussed concerns about the drift of resources towards Marquette in the wake of Mike Lovell’s inauguration. We are also asking that UWM sponsor a Voter ID Information Site in the student union, and will follow up with the administration. We discussed the issue of rape within the student community after the shocking allegations of “rape drugs” being served at a local fraternity. While it was noted that UWM has no affiliation with this group, we are suggesting some follow up regarding awareness training for campus. After this, we met with a faculty member to discuss concerns about the lack of parking planning in regards to future build-outs of the SWQ. We also followed up with a brief discussion about UWM’s involvement with Charter Schools.

(note: please excuse our recent hiatus due to a change of web platforms for UC News. We’re back and hope to keep offering you useful information).