Adopted in fall 2014, the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) combines technology, research, process improvement and predictive analytics to enable proactive, data driven conversations with students. By leveraging 10 years of student data, predictive analytics can suggest patterns in student behavior, e.g. what courses are problematic for which students, what is the expected likelihood of success for students who perform at certain levels in specific courses or major, what additional options for success are suitable for students based on their current performance?  Early identification and use of this information can positively affect student outcomes.

SSC Campus

Implementation of the SSC Campus
UWM will be moving from the SSC Foundation to the SSC Campus over the spring 2016 term. Full implementation is expected by summer 2016. Check back here for announcements regarding training/learning opportunities and updated timeline information.

February 18, 2016 SSC Campus Kickoff Agenda

March 31, 2016 Summit Presentation

Project Management
Gesele Durham, Joel Spiess and Brennan Olena




  • Comprised of advisors from across campus
  • Meet monthly to share and exchange ideas and how best to utilize the SSC at UWM.
  • Both end-user and leadership team for the SSC
  • Act as training resource
Meeting Agendas & Minutes


April 26:         Agenda  |   Minutes

April 5:           Agenda

March 22:       Agenda  |   Minutes

February 23:  Agenda  |   Minutes

February 2:    Agenda  |   Minutes

January 26:   Agenda   |   Minutes

January 5:     Agenda   |   Minutes


November 3:   Minutes


Targeted advising campaigns enable advisors to maximize their impact by identifying specific student populations in need of supplemental attention. The SSC platform enables this process by making it easy to build lists of students that fit certain criteria. By deploying SSC risk analytics in combination with work list filters and student tracking features, advisors can create highly-specific campaigns and ensure that no students fall through the cracks.

Encouraging Advising Engagement
Engaging Stop-Out Students

Need Help?


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SSC SWAT Team Members

EAB Consultant
Emily Sentz (

  • Consultant from EAB for the UWM instance of the SSC
  • Contact at the email noted for any question regarding the SSC including account management/set-up, webinars, and training.

Program Management
Gesele Durham

Technical Support and Data Transfer
Provided by Tom Lemke (UWM UITS)