Participation in Summer Bridge 2023 is required to receive academic year benefits.

Admitted UW-Milwaukee students that have participated in one of fifteen eligible pre-college programs and schools. (Check MKE Scholars Program webpage for list of programs)

This does not include students admitted through the College of General Studies (CGS) First Year Bridge Program or College of General Studies Pre-Engineering Program

Participation in the for-credit bridge program offered at no cost to students. Anticipated courses include: (Credit accumulation: 4 credits)
– Date(s): June 26, 2023 – August 18, 2023 (8 weeks)
History 150: Multicultural America*
Economics 110: Personal Finance & Literacy
*(GER- Humanities, Cultural Diversity) course also used towards the completion of the Cultures & Communities Certificate.

– In-Person + Hybrid Course Facilitation via Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
– Classes will be held Monday-Thursday in-person and virtually
– Class Time: 9:30am – 3/3:30pm*
*(accounts for in-person learning, lunch time, study lab, co-curricular required programming, and leadership development)
– $600 Summer Stipend
– On-campus housing at no cost to participants (required)*
*Move-In Date: June 25, 2023
– Co-curricular experiences will be offered throughout the summer


The MKE Scholars Program is run by Associate Director, Ariel Milton-Kern and Student Success Coach, Isabella (Isa) Virrueta. Please contact us at  with any questions regarding the program. For more urgent questions or concerns, please contact us directly by email or phone.

With Panther Pride,
Ariel Milton-Kern | Associate Director, MKE Scholars Program |  | 414.251.6043
Isabella Virrueta | Student Success Coach, MKE Scholars Program |  | 414.251.7577

Our team will provide next steps for moving in as we get closer to the start of bridge. The official move-in date will be Sunday, June 25, 2023.  

Yes, all participants should plan to be assigned a roommate. We will initiate a process for roommate selection later in the summer. Both parties must participants in the MKE Scholars Summer Bridge Program and agree to the living arrangement. There are no single rooms during the summer.  

Scholars will be housed in Sandburg Residence Hall- East Tower. These are suite style rooms equipped with a shared bathroom and full-size kitchen accessories. Our program will provide starter essentials; however, it will be your responsibility to either provide necessities or collaborate with those living in your suite.  

The residence halls are maintained 24/7 security. Scholars will be expected to always have the UWM student ID on them. At move-in you will be informed about guest policies.  

We will provide a starter pack of “school supplies” to be successful in your courses. Additionally, there will be access to computer and other technological devices if you do not have one on your own. You are encouraged to have access to your favorites. If you have a technological device like a laptop, you are welcome to bring it.  

No, feel free to go and come as you may. Make sure you are back in time for class on Monday mornings!  

No, this is an in-person experience. Instructors are not required to record lectures or provide a virtual option during the summer program. Plan accordingly.  

The expectation is that during the 8-weeks you are present 90% of the time. This equates to no more than 3 days missed over the 8-week timeframe. 

Scholars will be provided a meal stipend to budget accordingly with during the summer. The amount of the stipend will be broken into two disbursements. You will have access to prepare food in your room suite. Also, there will be a cafeteria option in the residence hall plus a host of nearby restaurants to patronize.  

You will need to communicate those plans as far in advance as possible so that our team can assist you in consulting with instructional staff regarding the impact of missing class time.  

You will be engaged in the summer bridge experience Monday through Thursday from 9:30am-3:30pm. You will have access to course syllabi and programming calendars once the summer starts to help with time management and planning.