Frequently Asked Questions


Tutors and SI Leaders will not work directly on homework problems during a session. However, tutors and SI Leaders will be able to review similar problems and examples that can help you complete your homework. Students should primarily expect a review of important course material, example, activities, and study strategies, as well as knowledgeable answers to their questions.

Students must be enrolled for credit and attending the class for which they wish to receive tutoring or SI support. 

  • If you are taking a course you know does not come easy to you
  • When you want to improve your grade in a course you find difficult
  • If you do not want to fall behind
  • When you want additional help reviewing for a test
  • If suggested to do so by an instructor
  • Bring textbook(s)
  • Bring notes
  • Come with questions already prepared
  • Participation during sessions
  • Knowledgeable tutors and SI leaders
  • Assistance understanding and developing the skills needed to complete assignments

 *Please note that homework assignments will not be worked on; however, similar problems to those reflected on homework assignments will be discussed and worked through*

Feel free to check the ‘Events Calendar’ located in the upper-right hand corner to see when exam review sessions will be held for your course(s).  These review sessions are open to all students and depending on the course, may have a separate review for each section.

SI sessions are held at the same time every week. Students can drop in during scheduled SI sessions and are not required to sign up in advance. SI sessions are typically larger than tutoring sessions. SI Leaders attend regular lectures for the course and prepare agendas and activities for their sessions. SI Leader will also hold exam reviews. 

Tutoring is by-appointment only, and students must sign up in advance (no drop-ins). Tutoring sessions are small-group sessions (smaller than SI). Tutors have experience taking the course before, but they do not currently attend the lectures. 

Our sessions are held at the following locations: 

Bolton 120 for Math SI and tutoring 

Bolton 180 for Math drop-in tutoring 

Lubar N243 for all Business and Econ (+Math 208) SI and tutoring 

Library East Wing (E154, 159, 175, 177, 178, and 179) for all other subjects 

Math Drop-In

Math Drop-in services are provided in-person (Bolton 180) and online drop-in during specific times and hours. Tutors can work with you one on one on specific concepts or themes within your math course. Drop-in tutors can support students enrolled in the following courses: Math 92/102, 94, 98/108, 103, 105, 115, 208, 211, 213, 221, 231, 232, 233, 234. Math Stats 215 is only available on certain days throughout the week which can be found on the Drop-In Tutoring page.   

Math SI sessions are held at the same time every week. Students can drop in during scheduled SI sessions and are not required to sign up in advance. SI sessions are typically larger than tutoring sessions. SI Leaders attend regular lectures for the course and prepare agendas and activities for their sessions. SI Leader will also hold exam reviews. Math tutoring sessions are small-group sessions (smaller than SI). Tutors have experience taking the course before, but they do not currently attend the lectures. 

Math online drop-in sessions will take place via Zoom. In order to join an online math drop-in session, you must have accepted our SSC Tutoring & SI SP22 Canvas page. Once on our Canvas page you will be able to join a math drop-in Zoom session. Click on the directions receive directions on Accessing Math Drop-in Tutoring on Zoom. Online math drop-in is available on certain days throughout the week which can be found on the drop-in tutoring webpage.


In-person math drop-in takes place in Bolton 180 on Mondays – Thursdays from 10am – 7pm and Fridays from 10am – 3pm. Online math drop-in takes place Zoom. In order to join an online math drop-in session, you must have accepted our SSC Tutoring & SI SP22 Canvas course invite. Online math drop-in is available on certain days throughout the week which can be found on the Math Drop-In Schedule. 

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring program, ran through the Student Success Center in Bolton 120, is a chance for students to assist students. Peer Mentors serve as upperclassmen students who can help first-year students academically and socially succeed at UWM. Students who participate in the Peer Mentoring program are linked with higher rates of success during their college years.

The Peer Mentoring program is for first-time UWM students, whether it is your first semester of higher education or you have transferred from a different university.

Peer Mentors complete several facets of outreaches to engage with their students. At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a personalized Welcome to UWM email from your mentor. This will include instructions on how to schedule an appointment to meet up.

Peer Mentors will then continue to reach out to their students via email, phone call, or text message throughout your first year of study.

Peer Mentors at UWM can help with your transition into college and in Milwaukee.

Using the support systems offered to you as a student can improve your experience and your ability to succeed academically and socially at UWM. The Student Success Center offers many resources to help you in this transition, including the peer mentoring program.

To schedule an appointment with your Peer Mentor, please visit Navigate360. Login with your UWM Credentials. Select ‘Schedule an Appointment” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If you experience any issues, please contact your Peer Mentor via email or text, or stop by the Student Success Center and a staff member can further assist you.

Prepare for your meeting with potential questions you may have about UWM, courses, and campus life in general. Peer Mentors expect students to be engaged, preparing to understand more about UWM and how they can succeed in their time at university.  

Every first-year student at UWM is assigned a Peer Mentor. The Peer Mentor staff is required to meet with each of their students at least once a semester, but students can choose to meet with their Peer Mentor as often as they’d like.

You should see your Peer Mentor each semester of your first year at UWM. They are a resource provided for first-year students to foster academic and social success in higher education.

Advocacy, empathy, respect, and investment in your academic and personal success.

Peer Mentors are trained to see solutions and opportunities in providing resources and helping you pinpoint academic and social goals in your first year as a student to streamline success.

Peer Mentors are assigned to students based on your academic field of study.

If you are an intended Nursing student, you will most likely be paired with a mentor in the Nursing program.

Undecided majors are given to Peer Mentors who can help assist in exploring academic fields of study that you may be interested in.

If you are paired with a Peer Mentor who is not in your program of study, this can happen due to the representation of programs at UWM, we will pair you as similar to your academic field as possible.

General MKE Scholars

Yes, on average more than 50% of our participants maintain part-time employment or external responsibilities while engaged in our summer experience and the regular academic year. Please work with your employer to secure time for this program. 

The 2024 summer dates are from June 24th-June 7th and August 12th-August 15th. You are asked to plan for required engagement: Monday through Thursday from 9:30am-3:30pm. Please remember that you are only required to attend one of the weeks listed. 

Prior to summer starting, you will be reminded of the time commitment for summer. With knowing the time commitment in advance, we ask that you plan accordingly to accommodate your MKE Scholars Program responsibilities, in addition to, any external commitments. This includes commitments related to your familial, home, childcare, spousal/partner, special appointments, summer travel plans, and in case of emergency/unexpected event processes. The expectation is that you will treat this experience as a priority.  

The first thing to remember is that college is quite different than high school. While the Summer Experience is only a week long experience for students, it will allow you to get ahead and gain a better understanding of campus and your role as a college student.  From familiarizing oneself with campus resources, identifying personal and academic needs, exploring independence and self-advocacy, and balancing competing external factors, you cannot go wrong with choosing to spend one week of your summer with us! You are guaranteed to have at least one key takeaway from this experience!  

Overall, choosing to join the MKE Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity for a prospective student to get on campus and experience a college environment in real time. We embed the week with strategically chosen components that are useful and meaningful for a holistic college experience.

Let’s not even worry about this so early! Our team will be there to support and challenge throughout the summer. However, we recognize that you may not be ready to embark on the full college experience post-summer. We will be working with you throughout the week-long summer experience as well as the rest of the summer through 1:1 meetings where we meet with scholars individually to discuss progress and next steps.  

No, you do not have to be admitted when you submit the electronic program application. You MUST be admitted as regular/conditional admit by June 1st. If you are admitted as a CGS (College of General Studies) First-Year Bridge or CGS Pre-Engineering student, you WILL NOT be eligible to participate as a MKE Scholar.

No, you do not have to have a decided upon major to be a MKE Scholar. Our team and other identified success team partners will work with you to decide on a major once embarking on your UW-Milwaukee journey.

No, there is not a specific GPA or ACT/SAT test score needed to participate.

Incoming scholars are eligible to submit a Program Agreement based on their participation/ official engagement in one of the following high schools and/or pre-college programs: All-In Milwaukee, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee (Grad Plus), Carmen Schools of Science & Technology, College Possible, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Cristo Rey Jesuit High School of Milwaukee, Nativity Jesuit Academy, Pathways High School, Pearls for Teen Girls, St Joan of Antida High School, & United Community Center. If you are interested in participating in our program but do not see your high school and/or pre-college program listed above please contact

Yes, to receive all benefits of the MKE Scholars Program, participation in one of the two offered week long Summer Experiences is required.

No, please refer to this link for more information regarding the SSS program:  

MKE Scholars - Summer Bridge

You will be engaged Monday through Thursday from 9:30am-3:30pm during your chosen week (June option or August option). 

Students may utilize surface lots, parking garages, and street parking during the summer experience. Please note that you are responsible for following all parking enforcement rules and regulations. We strongly encourage you to carpool if you have a friend who will also be attending the Summer Experience.

You cannot participate in New Student Orientation and the MKE Scholars Summer Experience at the same week. Your one-day New Student Orientation program session is an all day experience; as is every day of the MKE Scholars Summer Experience. Please review the two weeks offered (one in June and one in August), select the week that works best for you, and plan your New Student Orientation date accordingly.

The MKE Scholars Program is run by Associate Director, Ariel Milton-Kern and Student Success Coach, Isabella (Isa) Virrueta. Please contact us at  with any questions regarding the program. For more urgent questions or concerns, please contact us directly by email or phone.

With Panther Pride,
Ariel Milton-Kern | Associate Director, MKE Scholars Program |  | 414.251.6043
Isabella Virrueta | Student Success Coach, MKE Scholars Program |  | 414.251.7577

Due to our changing format we will not be providing housing this summer, however we’re happy to provide guidance and support if you are interested in living on-campus.

We will provide necessary materials for the week-long experience. You are welcome to bring your own materials and devices if you so choose.

Scholars will be provide breakfast and lunch all four days of the program. We will also provide additional light snacks. We will also provide water bottles.  

Because this is a one week program, attendance is mandatory. Please review both options to review if one week works better than the other. Please contact the MKE Scholars team if you have more concerns at

No, this is an in-person experience. We will not be recording workshops and the service event is in-person. 

The expectation is that students attend all four days of the Summer Experience. Please plan accordingly. 

MKE Scholar Benefits

A renewable $1000 scholarship toward UWM tuition and fees for up to four years, covering fall & spring semesters ONLY  

Progress towards the completion of Cultures and Communities Certificate, a distinguishing accomplishment to complement your undergraduate degree 

Added support through academic advising and peer mentorship for advanced development opportunities within the UWM community 

Social and educational programs to build a strong peer community   

Early access and notification to some on and off campus scholarships, internships, and service opportunities 

MKE Scholars - Members

As an admitted, Bachelor’s degree seeking undergraduate student attending UW-Milwaukee – Main Campus you must:

Complete/submit the MKE Scholars Program Application no later than May 1st, 2024.

Complete/submit MKE Scholars Program Confirmation no later than May 22nd, 2024 (Available starting May 1, 2024).

Complete/submit required enrollment “To-Do” list items outlined in the Admissions Portal and PAWS. 

Attend a New Student Orientation (NSO) session during the summer of 2024. Please remember that you may not schedule your New Student Orientation session the same week as the MKE Scholars Summer Experience.

Actively participate in a week-long 2024 MKE Scholars Program Summer Experience (June option or August option) and attend the Fall 2024 MKE Scholars Program Kickoff (late August 2024). 

Connect with your success coach at least two times during Summer 2024 outside of the week long summer experience (these meetings can be virtual).

Meet bi-weekly with your assigned MKE Scholars Program Success Coach during the academic year. 

Maintain regular engagement with your Academic Advisor and Peer Mentor during the academic year.

Participate in offered MKE Scholars events throughout the summer and academic year.

Successfully complete cohort courses towards the completion of the Cultures & Communities certificate program throughout your academic career at UWM, starting Fall 2024.

Complete & Submit a FERPA form permitting UWM to share information about your enrollment and progress with your college readiness program staff and external funding program partners. 

Represent the University as a student leader and serve as an ambassador for the MKE Scholars Program 


All students in FYF must meet with their Coach at least once a semester. However, many students will meet with their First-Year Coach monthly or bi-weekly, depending on the student’s specific needs and goals.

Meetings are typically 45 minutes and can be completed in person or virtually.

In-person meetings are in the Student Success Center (Bolton 120). You can check in with the front desk upon arrival. Virtual meetings will be over Microsoft Teams. Your Coach will send you a link and download instructions before your meeting.

Click on these instructions to schedule a meeting with your FYF Coach on Navigate360! 

The transition from high school to college, especially at a large institution, can be an overwhelming experience. First-Year Forward is an invite-only program designed to provide continuous support to new UWM students.

Students eligible for the program will receive an invitation to participate before attending New Student Orientation. For more information or to confirm your eligibility, please email  

First-Year Success Coaches are dedicated to helping with your high school to college transition by providing one-on-one support to enhance your Panther experience. Your Coach is excited to assist with the following:

· Tutoring and Exam Reviews
· Note-Taking Methods
· Effective Study Skills
· Campus Technology

· Time Management
· Overcoming Procrastination
· Goal Setting

· Student Well-Being Resources
· Accessibility Resource Center
· Dean of Students
· Scholarships and FAFSA

· On-Campus Jobs
· Campus Events
· Student Organizations
· Multicultural Student Centers
· LGBTQ+ Resource Center
· MKE Community

· Enrollment Support
· Important Dates & Deadlines
· University Policies and Procedures

A $500 scholarship, awarded in your sophomore year, is your incentive for doing the right things to succeed at UWM. To earn the scholarship:

· Meet with your First-Year Coach at least once in the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters.

· Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours by the end of the spring 2024 semester.

· Achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA in the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters.

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