Fund For Wisconsin Scholars

Information About the Grant:

Fund For Wisconsin Scholars (FFWS) was founded by John and Tashia Morgridge in 2007 with the vision to help Wisconsin students with financial needs have the opportunity to attend Wisconsin universities. The grant was designed to help reduce the financial barrier for students who wished to attend college and lighten the overall debt that many Wisconsin students would incur during their college years. Fund for Wisconsin Scholars wanted to provide grants that open the door to a better world, helping ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable, and that degree completion is achieved. More information on the grant can be found at


The FFWS grant helps provide the opportunity for graduates of Wisconsin high schools to further their education. They are committed to helping ensure that higher education is more accessible and affordable and that degree completion is realized with greater frequency. Because FFWS believes that increasing the number of citizens who complete post-secondary education will improve the quality of life for Wisconsin citizens by benefiting both the individual and society, offering the FFWS grant will help address these critical challenges facing Wisconsin:

  • Creating well-paying jobs
  • Increasing financial resources for Wisconsin students to attend college
  • Increasing educational opportunity for Wisconsin citizens
  • Increasing the number of Wisconsin citizens completing bachelor’s degrees
  • Improving the college preparedness of all Wisconsin students

Who is eligible to receive this grant?

FFWS provides need-based grants to randomly selected, recent graduates of Wisconsin public high schools who are starting their first year of attendance at a UW four year institution to earn an undergraduate degree. Grants are gifted aid; they do not have to be repaid. There is no application process; eligibility is determined using data from the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Once a list of eligible students is provided to the University of Wisconsin System Offices, recipients are randomly selected to receive the grant.

To be initially eligible, one must:

  • be a resident of Wisconsin
  • have been a full-time, resident student in a Wisconsin public school for four semesters prior to graduation
  • have received a Wisconsin public high school diploma or HSED within the past three years
  • be under the age of 21 years at initial eligibility
  • be in a first degree program or be enrolled full time in a UW System university based in Wisconsin
  • be a PELL recipient at initial eligibility
  • have remaining unmet financial need

FFWS at UW-Milwaukee

The grant recipients of this program are assigned a Peer Mentor and Success Coach to aid in their transition into college life by developing life skills and addressing academic, social, extracurricular, and professional concerns. Mentors are also able to offer support, answer questions, and connect students to the campus community and academic resources so that students feel connected to their school and persist with their education. FFWS students are also encouraged to participate in free monthly programming events to meet and enjoy the company of fellow grant recipients. By dovetailing financial support and access to on-campus mentors and coaches, FFWS believes that these actions will increase the graduation rate among Wisconsin colleges which will provide the state with more educated citizens.