mkescholars_logoThe MKE Scholars program is a scholarship program that is designed exclusively for first year, incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It is our goal to provide our MKE Scholars students with a network of care and support that encourages their persistence towards obtaining their college degree at UW-Milwaukee.

We work with a number of pre-college programs, high schools, and community-based organizations. These programs include but are not limited to: All-In Milwaukee, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, Carmen High Schools of Science and Technology (all campuses), Cristo Rey Jesuit High School (Milwaukee), College Possible, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Nativity Jesuit Academy, Pathways High School, PEARLS for Teen Girls, St. Joan Antida High School, United Community Center, and UW-Milwaukee/M-Cubed Dual Enrollment.

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Prospective scholars should review the program application detailing program benefits and requirements. Please verify that the requirements of the program align with your goals for college. To receive program benefits and maintain membership in the program, an online submission of the program application is REQUIRED.

2024 Program Application Benefits Confirmation

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Our application cycle for the next cohort, Cohort Nine (9) is now live! Please visit the 2024 Program Benefits Confirmation Page to learn more about the program application!

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Phone: 414-229-5385

Thank you for considering a gift to the MKE Scholars Program. Your gift of any size makes a difference not only in the lives of our scholars but their families and our dedicated staff. The impact of your generosity supports academic year student scholarships, comprehensive summer bridge opportunities, summer housing, expansion of staffing needs, and year-round developmental and social programmatic efforts.

Because of the growing need for student success initiatives, our program exists to provide an exceptional level of holistic support and care for students as they navigate their collegiate journey at UW-Milwaukee. Your contribution to the MKE Scholars Program will be reflected in the lives of future generations positively transforming Milwaukee and beyond.

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Please email any questions to 

No, you do not have to be admitted when you submit the electronic program application. You MUST be admitted as regular/conditional admit by June 1st. If you are admitted as a CGS (College of General Studies) First-Year Bridge or CGS Pre-Engineering student, you WILL NOT be eligible to participate as a MKE Scholar.

No, you do not have to have a decided upon major to be a MKE Scholar. Our team and other identified success team partners will work with you to decide on a major once embarking on your UW-Milwaukee journey.

No, there is not a specific GPA or ACT/SAT test score needed to participate.

Incoming scholars are eligible to submit a Program Agreement based on their participation/ official engagement in one of the following high schools and/or pre-college programs: All-In Milwaukee, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee (Grad Plus), Carmen Schools of Science & Technology, College Possible, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Cristo Rey Jesuit High School of Milwaukee, Nativity Jesuit Academy, Pathways High School, Pearls for Teen Girls, St Joan of Antida High School, & United Community Center. If you are interested in participating in our program but do not see your high school and/or pre-college program listed above please contact

Yes, to receive all benefits of the MKE Scholars Program, participation in one of the two offered week long Summer Experiences is required.

No, please refer to this link for more information regarding the SSS program:  

At this time our dates and times do not conflict for the 2024 SSS summer program so a student may participate in both if they so choose. If you’re unsure about participating in the SSS summer program, we strongly encourage you to participate in the SSS program during the regular academic year (starting in Fall) along with the MKE Scholars Program. Please reach out to SSS programming directly with any questions related to their summer program:

Yes, on average more than 50% of our participants maintain part-time employment or external responsibilities while engaged in our summer experience and the regular academic year. Please work with your employer to secure time for this program. 

At this time dates and times do not conflict for both of these programs. As such, students may be able to participate in both. Please refer to this link for more information regarding the UR@UWM Summer program:  

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided during both week-long summer experiences at no cost to the student. Additionally, transportation from campus to service events will be included at no cost to the student.

Please note participants are responsible for covering the cost of parking if they intend to drive their own vehicle to the summer experience. Parking on campus is not free and if you choose make use of the parking garages, surface lots, or street parking please follow all parking rules and regulations. MKE Scholars is not responsible for any parking tickets. Parking prices may vary, please review the UWM parking and transportation page for more information:

Scholar participants will receive $1000 per academic year for up to four (4) years. This is the equivalent of $500 per semester for up to eight (8) semesters. Scholars are allowed one (1) time to exit and return to continue receiving program scholarship support.  

No worries. All we ask is that you communicate with our team that you have made the decision not participate. Until we our team hears from you directly, we will continue to include you in our communication plan.  

The 2024 summer dates are from June 24th-June 7th and August 12th-August 15th. You are asked to plan for required engagement: Monday through Thursday from 9:30am-3:30pm. Please remember that you are only required to attend one of the weeks listed. 

Prior to summer starting, you will be reminded of the time commitment for summer. With knowing the time commitment in advance, we ask that you plan accordingly to accommodate your MKE Scholars Program responsibilities, in addition to, any external commitments. This includes commitments related to your familial, home, childcare, spousal/partner, special appointments, summer travel plans, and in case of emergency/unexpected event processes. The expectation is that you will treat this experience as a priority.  

The first thing to remember is that college is quite different than high school. While the Summer Experience is only a week long experience for students, it will allow you to get ahead and gain a better understanding of campus and your role as a college student.  From familiarizing oneself with campus resources, identifying personal and academic needs, exploring independence and self-advocacy, and balancing competing external factors, you cannot go wrong with choosing to spend one week of your summer with us! You are guaranteed to have at least one key takeaway from this experience!  

Overall, choosing to join the MKE Scholars Program provides a unique opportunity for a prospective student to get on campus and experience a college environment in real time. We embed the week with strategically chosen components that are useful and meaningful for a holistic college experience.

Let’s not even worry about this so early! Our team will be there to support and challenge throughout the summer. However, we recognize that you may not be ready to embark on the full college experience post-summer. We will be working with you throughout the week-long summer experience as well as the rest of the summer through 1:1 meetings where we meet with scholars individually to discuss progress and next steps.