September 27, 2022

We welcomed newly elected members Lindsay McHenry (Geosciences) and Kathy Dolan (Political Science). The UC now has its full complement of seven faculty.

ASC Chair M. Priem updated the UC on recent actions of that committee, including continuing work with the TTC process, especially monitoring roll-out of the new teaching and research faculty titles.

VP/Dean Mark Harris briefed the UC on a new 2030 Taskforce on the Faculty Workforce report. The report reviews sample workload assignment policies across the university. Overall, it details that service (in particular) is not usually quantified and valued, and explicit expectations for workload balance at different stages of an academic career are sometimes missing. The report also pointed out College of General Studies faculty are assumed to teach more courses than at the Kenwood campus due to a different workload policy. There was general discussion about concerns that faculty and staff are often routinely being asked to work beyond full-time, to allow inadequate budgets to keep programs functioning. Proper documentation of actual workloads may help to establish the need for a larger workforce size commensurate with the actual work.

G. Rodger reported the APBC had a productive discussion of the 2030 Taskforce on GER Reform at their recent meeting. J. Boyland noted that the draft SSEA revision documents are in the hands of the current SSEA who will now review and suggest changes as they deem appropriate. M. Schwartz relayed that it appears the UW System “Free Speech” student survey process will now randomly select 5000 students on each campus, rather than 500 as we had previously been informed. Schwartz will make inquiries to clarify the actual process planned.

Lastly, the UC further discussed a draft document considering changes to the promotion to full professor procedure, with special attention to putting in place an appeal process for those denied full consideration. Discussion will continue in later meetings.