October 26, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels attended the recent UW-System governance reps. meeting and reported that:  1) D/F/W grade rates are a big concern across the System, however a quick consultation with VP for Student Success D. Clark suggests UWM does not have an issue in this area; 2) Discussions are continuing about adjusting student experience terminology, such as “undecided” versus “exploring”; 3) Concerns are surfacing about ordering issues in the new Shop@UW+ system; 4)  Some discussion occurred about advocating for state law changes, so that classes could start before Sept. 1st and allow a full week fall recess; and 5) The Board of Regents appears interested in talking about ways to strengthen governance, which merits further discussion.  On the UWM campus, Rothfels attended the recent International Committee meeting, and urged the committee to carefully review its Charter to see whether it might strengthen its governance role.  After discussion, the UC remains concerned about the efficacy of this committee if there is little substantive discussion and never any opposition to proposals coming from administration.  Additionally, the AAUP made an inquiry about availability of minutes from a specific faculty governance committee.  After discussion, it was agreed Rothfels will send them a detailed response.

ASC Chair N. Oswald reported that their committee is working on a TTC appeals procedure but is concerned that this process will involve many academic staff and only result in recommendations to AVC T. Danielson for any changes.  The UC then engaged with her in a detailed discussion about concerns regarding the upcoming TTC Teaching Professor academic staff title.  A committee-of-the-whole discussion at the December Faculty Senate meeting was suggested as the next logical step.

Member E. Bornstein reported that the AAFE committee met and had a good discussion about what the committee can accomplish.  It was noted that the tasks include retention as well as hiring, and there is a need to gather more information (including existing policy in this area) in order to figure out how best to proceed.  Further, the committee looks to work directly with the new VC in this area (when hired).  Member J. Snethen reported the APC met and that several policies will be coming to the next Faculty Senate meeting for consideration.  Member D. Misra reported that the most recent APBC meeting was cancelled due to lack of business, and the University Relations committee will meet this week.

Finally, the UC reviewed the revised procedure for securing academic staff voting rights at the School/College level, and agreed by consensus to forward it to the Codification committee.