November 2, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) A faculty senator has agreed to fill the vacancy on the Rules Committee; 2) UW-System will be following federal guidelines on vaccine mandates and preparations are underway, but we are still waiting for more details; 3) He discussed issues surrounding the teaching professor academic staff title, campus understanding of administrative budget levels on campus, and financial support for campus governance with the Chancellor; and 4) After his meeting with the ASC, it may be useful for the UC and ASC to have an in-person meeting to discuss concerns about the teaching professor title implementation.

Provost J. Britz provided the following updates:  1)  the UW-System President S&S committee in now looking at applications—they hope to complete the hiring process by early 2022; 2)  Budget discussions have wrapped up with campus units, and final recommendations are expected later this semester (after discussion with the APBC); 3) An enrollment management deep-dive took place which emphasized the need for more investment in the 2-year campuses as well as opportunities to expand collaborations with Kenwood campus units; 4) There is continued interest in exploring potential adjustments to out-state tuition and fees;  5)  An information session is planned for the November Faculty Senate meeting addressing School/College realignment progress; and 6)  UW-System intends to continue the waiver of SAT/ACT tests for admitted students.

Lastly, member D. Misra reported that the University Relations committee met last week.