October 19, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) a replacement faculty senator has been appointed to serve the remainder of the Fall semester; 2) there will be a special graduation ceremony on April 10, 2022 for all those who were not able to attend one earlier due to the pandemic; 3)  he attended a Space Planning committee meeting where the Union closing during summer 2022 for renovation was discussed; 4)  a TTC special meeting was held that included the three governance chairs, along with Chancellor M. Mone, Provost J. Britz, AVC T. Danielson, and VC R. Van Harpen;  5)  Assoc. VCs D. Venugopalan and T. Danielson will share position descriptions of the Teaching and Research Professor academic staff titles with the UC soon; and 6)  implications of student athlete’s new ability to profit from their “image and likeness” was discussed at the most recent Chancellor’s expanded cabinet meeting.

Member G. Rodger noted that the International committee will be meeting next Monday.  Discussion ensued about the need for this committee and its usefulness.  Rothfels will look to join the meeting.  Member D. Misra noted that the APBC has begun budget meetings with individual campus units, and that a total of 22 will be held.  Also, a new master’s in data science degree proposal is under development.  Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the program, it will be housed directly in the Graduate School.

Finally, VC R. Van Harpen, AVC M. Spadanuda, as well as Profs. J. Jordan and J. Berkowitz joined the meeting to discuss campus building ventilation with respect to COVID concerns.  While there is no evidence of spatially related COVID outbreaks on campus so far this Fall (as defined by the CDC), it was agreed that making available campus ventilation information more robust, along with providing direct contacts that individuals can approach with concerns (or for more information) would be worthwhile to strive for.