October 12, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that:  1) he attended the remaining UWM police chief candidate interviews; 2) VC R. Van Harpen, AVC M. Spadanuda, as well as Profs. J. Jordan and J. Berkowitz will join the UC meeting next week to discuss campus building ventilation with respect to COVID concerns; 3) UW-Lacrosse faculty have passed a TTC resolution like ours, and the ASC will also be considering one soon; and 4)  a faculty senator needed to be appointed to fill a vacancy for the Fall 2021 semester.  Additionally, the campus faculty workload “action group” is engaged in discussions, and while much more needs to be considered, ultimately what can be accomplished remains unclear.

Chancellor M. Mone reported that:  1) campus vaccination rates are up to 79% for faculty/staff and 87% for students, implications of the federal vaccine mandate are being considered, COVID positive test rates remain low at 1% for faculty/staff/students, and work continues on improving positive COVID case reporting and communication; 2) GPR base budget discussions will take place at a special BOR committee for governance issues meeting in December; 3)  VC searches underway (D&AR and DEI) are  going well, and after receiving input from an external agent regarding roles and responsibilities of the position, the search for the University Relations VC is expected to commence in November; 4) students continue to express pleasure at being “back on campus” this year; and 5)  UWM police recently helped apprehend a group of criminals that were victimizing both UWM students and others on the East Side.

Member E. Bornstein is participating in TTC-related discussions about the Teaching and Research Professor academic staff titles.  It is anticipated that these conversations will be controversial, and that the UC will become involved at some point to initially review any proposed new procedures.

Finally, the UC approved a draft resolution to dissolve the Economic Benefits committee, which will now be transmitted to the Codification committee for further consideration.