October 5, 2021

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported that he is still working on various committee appointments and has attended two of the UWM police chief interviews.  After a brief discussion with the entire UC, it was agreed to allow a Faculty Senator to take leave from the body during the Fall 2021 semester, due to a class schedule conflict with the monthly meeting time.  Concerns have been raised about COVID-related building ventilation system issues, and the UC will invite VC R. Van Harpen and Prof. J. Jordan to attend a future UC meeting to discuss.  Rothfels noted that the recent announcement of free 30-minute parking on campus (only after 8pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends) was facilitated by a long advocacy campaign from member M. D. Schwartz.   Lastly, UW-Whitewater faculty have passed a resolution urging UW-System to consider revisions to processes and language that are considered detrimental to the student experience.  More discussion of this matter seems warranted.

Provost J. Britz reported that:  1)  there are no matters of special concern expected at the Board of Regents meeting this week; 2) the Freshwater Collaboration is still waiting for funding to be released by the State legislature; 3) Details are being worked out on School/College reorganizations, with considerable progress having occurred; 4) UWM’s 4- and 6-year graduation rates have shown considerable improvement in recent years; and 5) Strategies will be explored in the next year to increase UWM’s yield of undergraduate student enrollment from applicants.

Assoc. VC D. Venugopalan discussed the issues raised in relation to granting of School/College voting rights to academic staff by the Faculty Senate.  A process is being considered that will direct requests from departments first to the Codification committee for discussion, prior to placement on the Senate agenda.

Member E. Bornstein noted that problems are continuing with student COVID reporting and other related logistics in classes, as well as that she will be participating in an “action team” discussion in relation to the adoption of Teaching and Research Professor academic staff titles for use on our campus.  The UC feels it may be productive to meet directly with the ASC for a discussion about this matter.

Member D. Misra reported that the APBC met last week and heard a report from the Provost, as well as the committee chair’s comments regarding progress on the logistics of planned unit budget meetings.  Additionally, he reported that the Economic Benefits committee (EBC) met and voted to discontinue operation and (if necessary) transfer any functions to other faculty committees.   The Sec of U will work on creating a faculty document to implement this action.