November 22, 2022

ASC Chair Priem met with the UC and updated us on current activities:

  • There is some consternation as to how the 4% budget cut will affect academic staff.
  • The campus is looking into standardizing Canvas use across classes; this may impact instructors.
  • ASC is cleaning up its by-laws to be consistent with the new P&P restructuring of Schools and Colleges.
  • The sub-committee on employee orientation may be lifted into a standing committee so that there can be consistency on how new academic staff are informed of their roles, responsibilities, and rights.

In member reports:

  • The proposed policy on promotion to full is still being commented on by UWM Legal but should be ready soon.
  • The SSEA will soon discuss the proposed framework for revising the assessment of administrators.
  • The APBC met and discussed budget matters, and a proposed PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
  • The School of Freshwater Sciences Dean search committee is crafting the position description and hopes to have a list of candidates from which to choose a short list before classes resume in January.

A point of concern was raised regarding the Testing Center’s curtailing of services, likely due to budget cuts (after being moved from the Registrar’s Office to UITS). This gives the appearance that UWM administration is discouraging instructors from giving in-person examinations and teaching evaluations. The UC will consider looking into this situation further.

Lastly, the UC meeting on November 29th has been canceled due to lack of business.