December 6, 2022

Provost Gronert updated the UC on several items:

  • Some initial feedback on the effectiveness of Navigate was sent to the UC. The committee asked for more information on measurement of past semesters.
  • The University continues to look at increasing Graduate Teaching Assistant salaries. The current rate for masters’ students is proposed to move to $15K for an academic year and for doctoral students (whether dissertators or not) to $17K. In the absence of new monies, funds may need to be redirected from elsewhere, for instance, from CGSA.
  • Official and business leaders in Washington County (where a branch campus of UWM is located) are discussing how to strengthen education opportunities locally, including 4-year tertiary education.
  • Initial projections for Spring 2023 enrollment numbers are looking positive, especially in graduate programs.

In other reports:

  • Provost candidate finalists are having public Q&A sessions this week and next, with virtual attendance.
  • The Policy Advisory Committee is proposing a clarification that an online asynchronous class can only have an online asynchronous final (unless a deviation is listed in the schedule of classes prior to registration). This change is on the automatic consent agenda for the December Faculty Senate meeting.
  • The APBC met and discussed subvention. There was a general desire that reasons be expressed more transparently, so it is clear what the goals of the University are.
  • The SFS Dean search is finalizing the position description, which should be posted soon.
  • A new draft of the proposal for updating the promotion to full professor process has been produced and will be discussed in an upcoming UC meeting.
  • The SSEA met and discussed a framework for revisions from the UC. The generally positive feedback will assist the UC in producing a more detailed proposal along these lines.