November 15, 2022

Today’s UC meeting unfortunately conflicted with the Chancellor’s Town Hall, which meant we didn’t have a chance to hear from Provost Gronert.
In member reports:

  • The CIO search will include some faculty members recommended by the UC.
  • The Space Planning Committee met.
  • The SSEA had some comments on proposed operational changes. The UC discussed these comments and will work toward a revision that addresses the comments. Boyland will circulate the rough outlines of a revised proposal.
  • The AAFEC will be encouraged to continue its work and assured that it need not have a formal chair.

Prof. Filippello, faculty representative on the 2030 Taskforce on Professional Development, reported to the UC They are working with AVC Fessahaye on general discipline-independent development. It seems to be mainly aimed toward non-instructional staff.

VC Nesbitt (UWM Advancement) and AVC McCaffery gave an informal presentation to the UC on the reorganization of development (now “advancement”) and its plans.