May 4, 2021

UC Chair K. Dolan reported on a faculty member who inadvertently missed the 30-day window for mandatory training while on sabbatical and as per UW System policy will not be eligible for a raise in the next cycle. This is organized and controlled by the UW System so there is no way for UWM to provide extensions. T. Danielson and the Provost’s Office was asked to include language in sabbatical approval documents to remind faculty that they need to watch their Inboxes and complete any mandatory training to avoid such issues going forward. R. Van Harpen and the Interim Chief of Police will be attending the next UC meeting by invitation to discuss ongoing issues regarding the campus climate. K. Dolan attended the Academic Staff meeting at which the Chancellor discussed voting rights for academic staff in departments, part of a campus-wide conversation related to ongoing initiatives including TTC, 2030 implementation etc. N. Rothfels commented that there is probably no omnibus solution to the problem of how to ensure fair representation while maintaining qualitative distinctions between faculty and academic staff positions. R. Van Harpen requested the names of potential nominees for candidates to serve on the search committee for the new Chief of Police, ideally by June 1. S. Schmitt submitted revised policies on changing modalities for courses during the fall 2021 semester for UC review. The new UC Chair election will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Provost Britz reported on 2030 realignment during the summer; the goal is for the plan to be completed by November 2021, with full implementation by fall 2022. Discussions about course modality and student demand for online courses are continuing as undergraduates appear to be registering for online courses in larger numbers than for f2f courses; this will pose a challenge to transitioning to a normal fall semester. The Board of Regents will meet at UWM in June; protocols for the in-person event are still being worked out. N. Rothfels raised the question of the potential impact on UWM of plans to make community college free. D. Clark and K. Eilers requested input on fall enrollments re: new students, which are better than this time last year but still not as high as had been hoped based on application numbers. The campus is behind in undergrad re-enrollments and there is more of a demand for online instruction than expected; what the patterns may mean is still unclear. CARES funding will be used to update some campus classrooms with lecture capture technology that would make it possible for courses to shift to a hybrid delivery mode in fall if necessary.

In Members’ Reports J. Reisel reported that the Honors College Advisory committee met; overall numbers are down slightly; 104 students will graduate this year; admissions for next fall are slightly behind last year. The major problem is providing enough courses for students to take, which will become more of a challenge as faculty numbers decline and departments struggle to teach required courses.

Chancellor Mone will attend the May 11 meeting.