May 11, 2021

Secretary of the University T. Turner reported that the Divisional Committee Chair requested a change to the policy for review of full professor cases. Not enough full professors are available who have served in the last five years as required under the current policy. The Secretary of the University’s Office is requesting a change to the policy so that any current full professor who has served on the Divisional Committee could be asked to review such cases.

Chancellor Mone reported on UWM hosting of Vice President Kamala Harris, a major PR triumph for UWM and the Presidential initiative supporting higher education and research. Daily meetings with Legislative leaders on the state budget continue. The proposed “Road Map for Higher Ed in WI” was discussed; it is unclear where the Senate report will go but Interim UW System President T. Thompson not a supporter of the proposed regionalization plan. The UWM fundraising team will soon announce several large gifts. Academic staff voting rights are still being discussed – implementation will be delayed until the possible ramifications have been reviewed by the Codification Committee re: the potential impact on accreditation requirements, review of personnel records, etc. Codification will consult with Schools & Colleges and will report to the UC; Faculty Document 33.30 will be revisited once this process has been completed.

UC Chair K. Dolan reported on the UW System Faculty Representatives meeting last Friday at which discussions included the distance education initiative and efforts by UW System to coordinate online instruction, which individual campuses continue to oppose. The composition of the Search Committee for System President is also a concern; this is likely to be announced in July and the search will be held over the course of the coming academic year. The results of the election of the next Board of Regents President will be announced in June. Also discussed were the “Road Map for Higher Education in WI” released by the Chair of the Wisconsin Senate’s Education Committee which recommends regionalizing the UW System apart from Madison and free speech on campus. Interviews for the two 2030 positions at UWM are proceeding; the campus will make a decision on those positions within the next week.

In Members’ Reports J. Snethen reported on the APBC meeting where 2030 updates were presented by Provost Britz and four notice of intent to plan programs were reviewed.

In New Business faculty nominees for Chief of Police Search and Screen were discussed. The composition of the committee is still unknown but there is no cap on the number of faculty names that can be put forward. Four names were suggested. N. Rothfels was elected UC Chair for 2021-2022. The summer meeting schedule was discussed; there will be two meetings a month in June and July. A replacement for Steve McMurtry on the FRRC was discussed and several candidates were suggested. The appointment of a new Chair of Rules was discussed and several candidates were suggested.

Provost Britz, Vice Chancellor Robin Van Harpen and Interim Police Chief Brian Switala will attend the May 18 UC meeting.