April 27, 2021

ASC Chair K. Esguerra reported on the voting rights for academic staff issue that was raised at the last Faculty Senate meeting and acknowledged the complexity involved especially as regards to the process of bringing such changes forward for approval. Compensation and the TTC process were discussed regarding the impact on academic staff to progress within a salary range. The ASC is currently gathering information to provide recommendations to HR. The goal is to establish a process by which pay progression would be built into the annual review process. Incoming ASC Chair Nicole Oswald will attend meetings with outgoing ASC Chair Esguerra over the summer. Mike Priem was elected ASC Vice Chair for 2021-2022. ASC has received questions about the position specific furlough implementation in 2021-2022.

UC Chair K. Dolan reported on the Expanded Cabinet meeting at which new vaccination protocols were presented. Vaccinated faculty and students who are physically on campus no longer need to be tested following an agreement with the Milwaukee County Health Department. Campus will continue testing unvaccinated faculty, academic staff and students taking f2f classes through the summer. This protocol will continue in the fall. The results of the University Staff survey regarding returning f2f and the overall campus climate in the COVID context will be presented soon. A national search has been initiated for a new Chief of Campus Police.

In Members’ Reports J. Snethen reported that the APBC met to discuss 2030 implementation plan, accreditation and P&P. J. Reisel reported that the Policy Advisory Committee voted to send several modified SAPs on for approval by Schools & Colleges. D. Misra reported that the PEC met and discussed the move of the Police Department from Sandburg to Morris and reported on the Space Optimization Project.

In Old Business the UC continued to discuss the College Voting Rights issue, especially the question of whether Chapter 2.023 of P&P will need to be changed for such requests to be considered in the future and if so, how.

Provost Britz will attend the May 4 meeting.