March 28

Academic Staff Committee Vice Chair Cashin met with the UC and described the Academic Staff Senate’s ongoing work updating the policies and procedures for Academic Staff, particularly Chapters 104 (Appointments) and 112 (Grievances).

Then Provost Britz came and updated the UC on several ongoing dean searches: he is close to selecting the dean for Public Health, and the Letters and Science Dean search committee has selected three finalists, of whom one has withdrawn. He is also looking for a new director for Continuing Education. The Nursing dean search committee is starting to interview semi-finalists.

He is also intending to produce a monthly update for the campus on the work of CEMAT including reports on numbers of applications, admits and acceptances in various categories (incl.\ freshmen, transfer, graduate). We should expect to see something next week.

Provost Britz also described the advising reorganization, in which undecided students will be managed centrally rather than defaulting to Letters and Science. Advising will use a new “First Year” program with “meta-majors,” in which students intending for a particular major are given a year or so to meet requirements, with alternate majors available with compatible requirements, so that students can continue successfully with little loss of time. This reorganization also involves other affinity-based advising centers, using possibly an opt-in or opt-out structure as appropriate.

On a question from the UC, Britz described how strategic planning is moving from the first phase which was mainly attrition based, to a phase informed by which important programs need strengthening, and where new opportunities with significant benefit can be started.

UC Chair Reisel reported on the SEJEC mini-grants and how the group is looking ahead to expand the impact. He also reported on activities related to standardizing campus climate surveys and using alternative telecommunication services.

The state budget process continues with the Joint Finance Committee meeting leaders of state agencies (including the UW System). There will be an opportunity for public comment on April 5th at the State Fair Park. Meanwhile, leaders in the UW System have written a joint letter to all Wisconsin Congress members on the importance of federal funding for higher education and research.