March 14

Chancellor Mone met with the UC today and discussed some of the aspects of the legislative budget for the UW System. While welcoming the proposed additional support, Mone will continue to advocate that UW-Milwaukee be compared only with comparable universities when computing performance metrics. International enrollment projections continue to be an issue of concern; the drops are not just from nations targeted by the national government.

Chancellor Mone indicated that the CSOWG working group will conclude their work in a few weeks. He also discussed three major projects that showcase some of UWM strengths: (1) the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, (2) the Water Summit and (3) an Internet of Things (IoT) center built with support from Rockwell and other corporations. The intent is to include any disciplines that can connect with these activities, as a way to strengthen the whole campus.

Mark Harris (for the OSP) and Donna McGee of Legal Affairs discussed a revision of the UW System policy on patents and inventions. The revised policy uses a new format and cuts down much of the text but the policy remains essentially the same.

UC Chair Reisel discussed some of the highlights of the UW system representatives meeting last week. The reps received an update on the status of the proposed budget. UW System is finding that there will likely be many changes to the proposed budget as it goes through the legislature, with regards to the provisions regarding the UW. The Joint Finance Committee will probably be holding a public meeting in the Milwaukee area April 5.

UC member Brondino reported on discussions at the ABPC. A couple dozen faculty are responsible for over half of the research expenditures at UWM. The libraries are urgently in need of a minimum increase of $200,000 in order to prevent falling further behind in maintaining collections. The budget model working group is considering metrics to encourage research, rather than only counting student credit hours and majors.

Brondino also reported on the SPC process which he has asked be distinguished from the work of the SPC Committee (SPCC) to which is reported the results of the process and which serves in a more restricted role of monitoring parts of the process.

The SSEA is nearing completion of reports on the evaluation of the provost and the deans of CEAS.