April 4

Director Tully of CIE came to UC to describe the process of designing a novel approach for pathways for international students that addresses UWM particular characteristics. If accepted, this could be a approach used by other universities as well. UWM will be meeting with an international recruitment company in mid April to see if the model will be accepted.

Provost Britz arrived soon afterwards and updated the UC on various Deans searches. Two finalists for the position of Dean of the College of Letters and Science will be coming soon to UWM. The provost is currently negotiating with a candidate for appointment as Dean of the School Public Health. Meanwhile, the search and screen committee has forward the names of three finalists for the Dean of the School of Nursing.

He also was asked to describe how his office is being strategic in leading the academic mission of the University during a time of severe budget cuts. He described how attrition combined with deficit spending have been used as the first response, but as University costs have decreased, strategic vision informs new hires. Deans are told that all hires must be justified in a forward-looking manner.