April 11

UC Chair Reisel reported on the recent meeting with departmental chairs on how to proceed with post-tenure review. He stressed that the process is intended to be collegial, not adversarial. Another meeting is planned for the coming week. In other news Honors’ College admissions are now at capacity; if UWM wishes to expand the program it will need more space (classrooms and residential facilities) as well as more instructors, especially in STEM disciplines.

Chancellor Mone met with UC today. The recent fire in the PSOA will incur major costs, which should be covered by the State insurance system. Increased risk of problems may be due to deferred maintenance. Mone also discussed the proposed budget. Some non-fiscal items (such as making allocable fees optional) are likely to be dropped from the budget, perhaps to be passed as separate bills later. It’s also not clear whether the proposal for self-insurance for healthcare will be adopted as part of the budget.

Brondino reported on the SPC process. A log of the new approved hires will be posted soon. It’s important to note that the Provost, not the SPC committee approves hires, and that Vice-Provosts can hire outside the SPC process if a position is immediately necessary.