June 16, 2020

K. Dolan reported on the Deans’ Meeting at which net operating losses of $15-20 million were projected for FY 2020; in 2021 projected operating losses of $25-45 million are predicted; units will be expected to engage in reductions based on these projections. No travel will be sanctioned unless external funds are used. Units will be able to keep savings from furloughs. More information regarding position specific furloughs will be coming for fall. Campus reserves would be exhausted in 68 days, so at most $10 million of reserves could be used to offset shortfalls. Enrollment Services reported that entering student numbers are down 6.6% compared to the same time last year but final numbers could change. The continuing student yield is also still unclear, but students seem to be registering for fewer credits compared to last year. The actual reduction numbers for individual units, including permanent cuts, will be announced in mid-July.

Provost Britz attended the meeting and confirmed that realignment of programs and administrative organization will be necessary due to the cuts requested by System.

The creation of a UWM Competition Review Committee was discussed. Other campuses already have such a committee so this would bring UWM into line with the rest of the UW System. The UC was asked to suggest the names of faculty and staff to be appointed to this committee to comply with UW Board of Regents Policy RPD12-1.

The UC summer schedule will begin as of next week. The Chancellor has been invited to attend the July 14 meeting.