June 9, 2020

K. Dolan attended a session during the interview process for J. Johnsen for UW System President. The session included faculty and other governance representatives from across the system as well as other individuals in leadership positions. Questions were asked about shared governance, diversity and other concerns.  It was not apparent how feedback would be provided to the Board of Regents, which met in closed session on the evening of June 9.

K. Dolan spoke with Corey Saffold, the newly appointed student regent. She will also speak with the education reporter for the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel about the System President selection process.

K. Dolan reported that the Scenario Planning Working Group presented its final report detailing recommendation for the fall. June 15 is still the deadline for announcing the fall schedule. The general consensus is that campus will be as open as possible depending on the conditions and safety precautions in place at the time the final decision is made.

K. Dolan had a discussion with Dean M. Gajdardziska-Josifovska concerning the opening of research laboratories, in particular the deadline of July 31 for the opening of facilities. K. Dolan will speak with the Dean and Provost about these concerns.

K. Dolan reported on a meeting of System representatives with UW System President Ray Cross to discuss ways in which the System can support campuses.

B. Arnold and N. Rothfels reported on the activities of the R1 Working Group. There were no other Members’ Reports.

Dean S. Gronert sent a letter to Letters & Science Chairs and Directors about the approval of website postings in relation to the ongoing protests. The UC will continue to monitor this process.

A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to approve the letter sent to the Board of Regents by K. Dolan regarding the UW System President search. K.  Dolan will present this letter to the Faculty Senate in September.

The Provost will attend next week’s meeting.