January 31, 2023

There were no guests at today’s meeting. UC members had the following reports:

  • The Free Speech student survey results will be announced in a presentation by UW President Rothman at UW Oshkosh on February 1st
  • The Dean Search for the ZCPH will advertise widely this summer and interview candidates in the fall.
  • The APBC is considering making presentations around the University to familiarize employees with the budget process.
  • Incoming Provost Andrew Daire will be making short visits to campus to meet with leaders, starting February 15th

The UC continued discussion on the following topics:

  • No progress has yet been reported on providing a way for employees to find out what trainings they had completed and when, nor how to appeal a determination that a training wasn’t completed.
  • The testing center continues to provide limited service. The UC has not received an explanation as to why the staffing was reduced from 3.5 FTE to 1.0 which leaves center services at risk if this one employee is not available. It is also still unclear whether teaching evaluations were actually deployed for all relevant classes last semester.
  • Boyland briefed the committee on discussions with SSEA members on revising SSEA procedures.