January 24, 2023

In member reports:

  • The SFS Dean search has extended the period to accept applications.
  • Rodger will be unable to serve as UC Rep to APBC this semester because of a class conflict; she will be replaced by Dolan.
  • Hager will be stepping down from the UC in the next academic year to concentrate on work supported by a C21 fellowship.
  • The Rules Committee has asked the UC to consider inviting UW System President Rothman to an upcoming Faculty Senate meeting. UC Chair Schwartz will consult with the Chancellor and then extend this invitation.
  • The UC has been asked to consider combining the Faculty Advisory Ethics Committee with similar committees for Academic and University staff to form an all-employee ethics advisory committee.

Some concerns were discussed:

  • It is difficult to determine whether one has completed required employee trainings, and to appeal an adverse determination.
  • With the new pay system, health insurance does not appear to start until the first paycheck in the calendar year which is no longer shortly after the New Year. This year, new members weren’t acknowledged by insurance carriers until after the January 12th pay period.

In old business, Boyland brought forward another draft revision of the SSEA policies and procedures, which was discussed and new revisions proposed. Boyland will next bring the draft to the SSEA for further comment and revision. It was noted that about half of the UW campuses have a somewhat similar administrator evaluation procedure, and some of the others are actively considering adding such procedures.