February 22, 2022

UC Chair N. Rothfels reported:  1) We need a new faculty senator for the Spring semester from the Social Sciences; 2)  He submitted comments on candidates for the Ethics and Compliance position in Legal Affairs; 3)  He will look into developing specific questions for Chief Legal Consul Joely Urdan before we invite her to a UC meeting; and 4) Concerns about the removal of the campus mask mandate continue to be registered—UWM will likely end it around the beginning of Spring Break.

ASC Chair N. Oswald provided the following updates: 1) ASC submitted feedback to the new UW-System President, specifically noting UWM’s unique funding challenges; 2) TTC appeals hearings will be moving ahead next week; 3) ASC discussed AS inequality issues with DEI VC C. Vang; and 4) ASC is discussing potential issues for AS related to the school/college reorganizations.