August 25, 2015

Academic Staff Committee Chair Robin Weigert and Sara Tully joined us to discuss campus policies regarding layoffs. It was noted that these polices are in place but not used; currently people are given non-renewal letters, even when they are returning the following year. There was discussion about how future workforce reductions will be made and what process would be fair and responsible in a university climate. The UC supports the Academic Staff’s efforts to develop sensible personnel policies in these difficult times and intends to stay in close communication on this subject.

Adrienne Bass joined us to discuss homecoming and opportunities for faculty involvement. It was noted that these type of activities go a long way to improving campus culture. Homecoming will take place October 2-10 with many activities planned. The Alumni Association will host an Alumni and Faculty Reception Sunday Oct 4th. Adrienne will be sending a note to department chairs to involve faculty in the event. Overall, the UC was enthusiastic about building some traditions for our students.