September 2, 2015: UC Meeting

Provost Johannes Britz joined us and discussed the lower enrollment numbers for fall (down 4.1% at the moment) and the need to build collaborations across units on campus for delivering courses. It was brought up that elements of the strategic plan addressed these issues.

Provost Britz also discussed having the UC Chair give the Deans an update on faculty discussion and position statement about tenure. We discussed the position paper drafted by the UC on tenure and that we will plan to have a dialogue about the document at the Faculty Senate meeting in September.

We briefly discussed the number of carjackings and armed robberies that are occurring within the reporting radius of the UWM, and outside of the radius, meaning they are not reported to the UWM community at large. There is a general sense that students are being targeted for robberies and it was reiterated that student safety should be a priority.

Robert Smith and Kristine Surerus are the UWM representatives on the UW System Tenure task Force. They reported on the first meeting, where the charge to the committee was discussed. They indicated that discussion on the committee has centered on five-year post tenure review and procedure for discontinuing programs. Also discussed, how protections need to be built in and we need to create more forceful language that can be introduced into the UW system policy. See their update from their first meeting. Check UC News for updates from future meetings.