August 11, 2015

We discussed the transition regarding UC members, since the UC will be saying goodbye to chairperson Mark D. Schwartz, Luc Vanier, and to Lane Hall, who has been updating UC News. Professor Hall expressed willingness to help with the transition in order to keep our website current. We then discussed and approved changes (based on faculty feedback) to our previous “position paper” regarding academic freedom and tenure at UWM, as well as the ongoing instability involved in the State’s precipitous changes towards governance and policy. You can see the current position paper here.

Chancellor Mone met with us and we discussed the personnel on the UW-System Tenure Task Force, the role of the Tuition Task Force and its desire to investigate the funding allocation model. We had a deep discussion about our perception of President Cross’s changing attitude regarding UWM’s potential share of funding allocations. We moved on to discuss potential faculty appointments to the Chancellor’s Campus Organization & Effectiveness Team (CCOET) and continued a conversation about enrollments, governance, and permanent appointments regarding academic staff. We said our goodbyes as this was our last meeting before a new UC takes over for next year, starting on August 24th.