Declare Your Minor

When to Declare a Minor

Ideally, you should declare the minor as soon as possible, so as to take advantage of departmental advising in planning the best sequence of upper-level courses.

Ready right now? Read on for details about the process and requirements.

Process to Declare the Minor

The first step to declare a minor in Spanish or Business Spanish is to fill out and submit the
Declaration of Minor Form »

Next, you are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Advisor, preferably via email to set up an advising appointment at your earliest convenience. At that appointment, the advisor will be able to answer your preliminary questions about the minor. You, in turn, will be asked about your background, your current interests, and your long-range plans.

Requirements for the Minor in Spanish

The Minor in Spanish consists of 18 credits at the 300 level, including Spanish 308 and Spanish 318.

Advising for Minors

Once you have declared your minor, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Laura Martinez Geijo Roman, at with any questions you may have.