Dr. Kathleen March (University of Maine) discusses Galician literature

In this presentation from April 4, 2024, Dr. Kathleen March (University of Maine) discusses how Galician literature has existed since the Middle Ages, with a ‘mere’ four centuries of silence until the 19th century. It is a worthwhile challenge to enter the cultural and linguistic seascape of this writing, which encountered another loss of visibility with the fascist dictatorship (1936-1975). The last half-century has qualified creative writing in galego as a literature of resistance (and quality) that deserves a place in World Literature as it emerges from what once was called a status peripheral to Spanish writing. In addition, Dr. March presented her various translation projects of Galician literature and encouraged future translators to join her in this worthwhile endeavor.

Professor Gabriel Rei-Doval (UW-Milwaukee) presents on the history of Galician Studies in the United States

Professor Gabriel Rei-Doval (UW-Milwaukee) presents on the history of Galician Studies in the United States as well as its future and challenges in the USA-Galicia Colloquium, held online on March 25, 2023 (in Galician language).


Interview with Professor Ernesto Xosé Gonzaléz-Seoane

Listen to Distinguished Professor Ernesto Xosé González-Seoane (Director of the Instituto da Lingua Galega, University of Santiago de Compostela), whose major areas of research include Standardization and Lexicography of the Galician language, talking about the bilingual context Galician – Spanish in Spain, along with issues related to language policies and education in the community of Galicia.


UW-Milwaukee Manfred Olson Planetarium hosts ‘Culturas Celestiales’ series

The stars hold deep cultural connections around the globe. All month long the UW-Milwaukee Manfred Olson Planetarium is hosting Culturas Celestiales, a four-part series of events celebrating the diversity of Latin American cultures’ connection to the night sky.

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