Retro Credits

In many languages, a student can receive retroactive credits by completing the course that he/she places into with a grade of B or better. Retroactive credits award students with credits for previous courses in the language sequence. For example, a student who completed a 5th semester Spanish or Portuguese course with a grade of B or better could also earn 4 credits for 1st semester, 4 credits for 2nd semester, 3 credits for 3rd semester, and 3 credits for 4th semester Spanish or Portuguese. Depending on the language, the maximum number of retro credits that can be earned ranges from 14 to 16. Retroactive credits are only given in conjunction with the first language course taken at the university. Students should contact the appropriate foreign language program before the beginning of the semester to verify that the course that they are taking generates retroactive credits.

Please submit requests for Language Retro Credits after the grade has been posted in PAWS for the eligible course. Requests cannot be processed until the final grade is recorded.

Students can login to complete the form at: Student Form to Request Language Retro Credits.

Forms also may be submitted by advisors and language instructors on behalf of eligible students at: Advisor/Instructor Form to Request Language Retro Credits .