Spanish MA Graduate Program

Credits and Courses

A content-based examination is mandatory for all incoming students. The results of this examination are used to develop the program of study. Students with insufficient preparation for graduate study in one or more areas may be admitted with specific, program-defined course deficiencies provided that the deficiencies amount to no more than two courses.

The student is expected to satisfy deficiency requirements within three enrolled semesters. The deficiencies are monitored by the Graduate School and the individual graduate program unit. No course credits earned in making up deficiencies may be counted as program credits required for the degree.

A minimum of 30 graduate credits beyond the baccalaureate degree is required for the MA in Spanish. All students must demonstrate reading competency in a second Romance language. In order to do so, they may take the departmental graduate reading exam or complete two semesters in another language. Courses taken to complete this requirement do not count toward the minimum credits required for the MA

Specific course requirements and credit distribution are as follows:

SPANISH 701Historical Linguistics (or equivalent)3
SPANISH 720Approaches to Hispanic Literary Theory and Criticism (or equivalent)3
Select 12 credits in Spanish or Spanish-American literature and culture courses at the 700 level or above12
Select 6 credits in language and/or linguistics courses in Spanish6
Select 6 credits of electives in Hispanic culture, language, linguistics, literature, thesis, or related courses6
Total Credits30

All teaching assistants are required to enroll in MALLT 700 or an equivalent course during their first year. This course counts toward the 6 credits of electives.

No 300-level courses will apply toward the degree, and a maximum of six (6) graduate credits in 400-level U/G courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements.

The MA degree in Spanish offers both non-thesis and thesis options.

Additional requirements

  • Reading proficiency in 2nd Romance Language (2 semesters of classes or equivalent). Does NOT count toward 30 credits of M.A.
  • Passing grade on the Comprehensive Final Exam (oral exam also required if deficiencies in written portion; student must retake [maximum of one {1} opportunity to retake and pass] if deficiencies on both written and oral). The examination, normally scheduled during the 12th week in each semester, is based on courses taken by the student and on the Department’s established reading list. The examination will contain questions on Spanish Peninsular Literature, Spanish-American Literature, Hispanic Linguistics, and other subject areas relevant to the student’s program.
  • Submission of portfolio of term papers and program evaluation (at time of Comprehensive Exam)


  1. Graduate assistants must enroll in a minimum of six (6) credits per semester which count toward the degree.

Graduate Student Grievance Procedures

UWM policy require programs and departments to have procedures for graduate students to appeal academic decisions such as grades or scholastic standing. These procedures ensure the protection of students’ rights. These pages serve as a reference on procedures for graduate student academic appeals.