MA Thesis

Thesis Option

Requirements for the thesis option are

  1. twenty four (24) credits of acceptable graduate level course work,
  2. a thesis for which a maximum of six (6) credits is granted, and
  3. a final comprehensive examination.


A maximum of six (6) thesis credits is allowed toward the M.A. degree.


  1. Students writing a literature or culture-based thesis must use the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers style.
  2. Students writing a linguistics-based thesis may use either the APA, LSA, or MLA style.

Students in the thesis option should choose an area of specialization for the thesis as early as possible. After a thesis topic is chosen, students, with the approval of the major professor, select two additional members of the graduate faculty in the area of concentration to serve as the thesis committee. A member of the graduate faculty specializing in the student’s area of concentration acts as the thesis director and chair of the committee.

Before the student is granted permission to sign up for thesis credit, the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese must approve the student’s proposal. This proposal must be in written form, from 3-6 pages in length, and is composed of both an outline of the topic to be studied and an initial, working bibliography.

The UWM Graduate School requires a thesis defense. This will be an open meeting, open to all interested parties.