Abstract: Juan Antonio Alonso

Impact of student emotions and attitudes in L2 Spanish beginner students in Chattanooga State Community College
Chattanooga State Community College, TN

This paper discusses preliminary results in a doctoral investigation aimed at measuring the impact of beginner student emotions and attitudes on their journey through the Spanish L2 program at Chattanooga State Community College. One of the working hypotheses is that having a negative attitude about the Spanish language and its speakers in the United States impacts students’ decisions to enroll in the program. Once enrolled, anxiety and enjoyment will correlate (the first negatively, the second positively) with student retention and success. However, the institution can intervene positively in enrollment through global and cultural awareness instruction. In turn, Spanish L2 faculty can have a positive impact in student private and public enjoyment in the Spanish classroom by utilizing emotional intelligence and engaging classroom strategies, thereby increasing student retention and success.