Directions for Doctoral Candidates

Sunday, December 18, 2022
9:00 a.m. – Doctoral rehearsal
10:00 a.m. – Ceremony start time

All Doctoral candidates must have a faculty escort at the ceremony and MUST RSVP for the ceremony.


*Students that miss the RSVP deadline will be able to attend the ceremony however, they will be unable to obtain tickets for their guests. *

An online regalia order form will be posted here in September.

Dress Rehearsal
Please report to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena no later than 8:55 a.m. There will be a dress rehearsal for Doctoral candidates and their escorts that starts promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Arrival & Rehearsal
The main entrance to the Arena is at 400 W. Kilbourn Ave. However, please enter the Arena through the rear northwest entrance labeled “Stage Door,” next to the loading dock at 501 W. State Street (off State Street between 4th and 6th Streets). Proceed down the ramp, then go to the Ph.D./Doctoral assembly area. Signs are posted and marshals will be present to direct you. Candidates who have RSVP’d will receive a pre-printed name card which will be read during the ceremony, as well as a photo card and printed program. Once the rehearsal, consisting of walking onto and across the stage and back down, is completed, the marshals will immediately direct the PhD candidates and their escorts into their seats.

Doctoral candidates will be asked to rise for conferring their degree. The candidate and escort approach the stage from their left (stage right) with the escort on the candidate’s left. The escort will hand the name reader the candidate’s name card which will be read. The candidate and the escort will then move to the center of the stage. The candidate will turn and face the audience. The escort will hood the candidate. Then the Provost presents the diploma. The Chancellor and the Graduate School Dean shakes hands with the degree recipient. The candidate and escort leave the stage using the center ramp, return to their seats and sit down. The name reader reads the name of the second candidate and escort – and so on until all candidates have gone through the ceremony.

For any questions, contact:
Doctoral Student Services, Graduate School: 414-229-6569 or

Secretary of the University’s Office: 414-229-5988 or