Ahmad Hosseinizadeh

Assistant Professor
 KEN 3186

Personal Website

Dr. Hosseinizadeh’s research covers different topics in computational biophysics. His work centers around the development of novel methods for the analysis of large-scale data sets from biological molecules to understand the structure and function of them. A particular focus of his research is developing data-driven machine learning algorithms to extract the ultrafast structural dynamics of biomolecules at high spatial and temporal resolutions.


Biographical Sketch
Ahmad Hosseinizadeh joined the UWM Physics Department in 2011 and started his work as a postdoctoral research associate and continued as a scientist. He received his doctoral degree in theoretical physics from Laval University in Canada in 2010. He also has a master’s degree in theoretical astrophysics from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences in Iran. Dr. Hosseinizadeh holds the rank of Assistant Professor of Physics since 2022. He is an active member of BioXFEL, which is a science and technology center supported by NSF and pursues the creation of integrated research and education to study biological molecules using X-ray Free Electron Lasers.
Selected Publications

  • C. Casadei, A. Hosseinizadeh, S. Bliven, T. Weinert, J. Standfuss, R. Fung, G. Schertler, R. Santra, “Low-pass spectral analysis of time-resolved serial femtosecond crystallography data”, Structural Dynamics 10, 034101 (2023).

  • C. Casadei, A. Hosseinizadeh, G. F. Schertler, A. Ourmazd, R. Santra. “Dynamics retrieval from stochastically weighted incomplete data by low-pass spectral analysis,” Structural Dynamics 9, 044101 (2022).

  • A. Hosseinizadeh, N. Breckwoldt, R. Fung, R. Sepehr, M. Schmidt, P. Schwander, R. Santra, A. Ourmazd. “Few-fs resolution of a photoactive protein traversing a conical intersection,” Nature 599, 697-701 (2021).

  • R. Cruz-Chú, A. Hosseinizadeh, G. Mashayekhi, R. Fung, A. Ourmazd, P. Schwander. “Selecting XFEL single-particle snapshots by geometric machine learning”, Structural Dynamics 8, 014701 (2021).

  • Shi, K. Yin, X. Tai, H. DeMirci, A. Hosseinizadeh, B. G. Hogue, H. Li, A. Ourmazd, P. Schwander, I. A. Vartanyants, C. H. Yoon, A. Aquila, H. Liu. “Evaluation of the performance of classification algorithms for XFEL single-particle imaging data,” IUCrJ 6, 331-340 (2019).

  • A. Hosseinizadeh, G. Mashayekhi, J. Copperman, P. Schwander, A. Dashti, R. Sepehr, R. Fung, M. Schmidt, C. H. Yoon, B. G. Hogue, G. J. Williams, A. Aquila, A. Ourmazd. “Conformational landscape of a virus by single-particle X-ray scattering,” Nature Methods 14, 877-881 (2017).