Selected Faculty Publications

Femtosecond structural dynamics drives the trans/cis isomerization in photoactive yellow protein
K. Pande, C. D.M.. Hutchison, G. Groenhof, A. Aquila, J.S. Robinson, J. Tenboer, S. Basu, S. Boutet, D.P. DePonte, M. Ling, T.A. White, N.A. Zatsepin, O. Yefanov, D. Morozov, D. Oberthuer, C. Gati, G. Subramanian, D. James, Y. Zhao, J. Koralek, J. Brayshaw, C. Kupitz, C. Conrad, S. Roy-Chowdhrury, J.D. Coe, M. Metz, P.L. Xavier, T.D. Grant, J.E. Koglin, G. Ketawala, R. Fromme, V. Srajer, R. Henning, J.C.H. Spence, A. Ourmazd, P. Schwander, U. Weierstall, M. Frank, P. Fromme, A. Barty, H.N. Chapman, K. Moffat, J.J. van Thor, and M. Schmidt
Science 352, pp. 725-729, May 2016

Dynamics from noisy data with extreme timing uncertainty
R. Fung, A. M. Hanna, O. Vendrell, S. Ramakrishna, T. Seideman, R. Santra, & A. Ourmazd
Nature, April 2016

Coexistence of Charge-Density-Wave and Pair-Density-Wave Orders in Underdoped Cuprates
Y. Wang, D. F. Agterberg, and A. Chubukov
Physical Review Letters, May 2015

Detection of a Superconducting Phase in a Two-Atom Layer of Hexagonal Ga Film Grown on Semiconducting GaN(0001)
H. Zhang, Y. Sun, W. Li, J. Peng, C. Song, Y. Xing, Q. Zhang, J. Guam, Z. Li, Y. Zhao, S. Ji, L. Wang, K. He, X. Chen, L. Gu, L. Ling, M. Tian, L. Li, X.C. Xie, J. Liu, H. Yang, Q. Xue, J. Wang, and X. Ma
Physical Review Letters, March 2015

Time-Resolved Serial Crystallography Captures High-Resolution Intermediates of Photoactive Yellow Protein
J. Tenboer, S. Basu, N. Zatsepin, K. Pande, D. Milathianaki, M. Frank, M. Hunter, S. Boutet, G. Williams, J.E. Koglin, D. Oberthuer, M. Heymann, C. Kupitz, C. Conrad, J. Coe, S. Roy-Chowdhury, U. Weierstall, D. James, D. Wang, T. Grant, A. Barty, O. Yefanov, J. Scales, C. Gati, C. Seuring, V. Srajer, R. Henning, P. Schwander, R. Fromme, A. Ourmazd, K. Moffat, J. Van Thor, J.H.C. Spence, P. Fromme, H. Chapman, and M. Schmidt
Science 346, pp. 1242-1246, December 2014

Direct experimental determination of onset of electron-electron interactions in gap opening of zigzag graphene nanoribbons
Y.Y. Li, M.X. Chen, M. Weinert, and L. Li
Nature Communications, July 2014

Tuning Dirac states by strain in the topological insulator Bi2Se3
Y. Liu, Y.Y. Li, D. Gilks, I. Lari, P.L. Galindo, M. Weinert, V.K. Lazarov, and L. Li
Nature Physics, April 2014

Electrical detection of charge-current-induced spin polarization due to spin-momentum locking in Bi2Se3
C.H. Li, O.M.J. van ‘t Erve, J.T. Robinson, Y. Liu, L. Li, and B.T. Jonker
Nature Nanotechnology, March 2014