Astronomy_iconAstronomy, Gravitation and Cosmology
Search for and study of gravitational waves, quantum and classical gravitation, quantum fields in curved space time, and cosmology.


Biophysics_Biomedical_ImagingBiophysics and Biomedical Imaging
Interdisciplinary research on the characterization of biological tissues, imaging activity and interactions of proteins in living cells, and algorithm development for direct image reconstruction such as thermoacoustic tomography (TCT).


Condensed_MatterCondensed Matter and Surface Physics
Experimental and theoretical research on the properties and fundamental physics of materials. Surface physics focuses on the interactions of solid surfaces with atoms and molecules.


Undergraduate ResearchUndergraduate Research
Undergraduate research opportunities exist through individual department faculty and the Office of Undergraduate Research.


Featured_PublicationsSelected Faculty Publications
Some prominent recent publications by Physics Department members.


Faculty Honors
The Physics department faculty have been awarded the following honors and awards.