Physics Major – Astronomy Emphasis

Astronomy provides a window to the formation of the universe; to open it requires a fundamental knowledge of physics. An astronomy major will take, in addition to all of the required physics major courses, both introductory and advanced courses. The specialized astronomy courses cover both observational astronomy and modern astrophysics, including topics as varied as planetary formation and black holes.

For the undergraduate interested in being part of a research team, there are opportunities in observational radio, optical, and gravitational astronomy.

UWM Astronomy Club (with Professors Erb & Kaplan) in front of the Yerkes Observatory.

How do I declare my Physics major?

See this page for details on how to declare a Physics major.

Astronomy Club

The student Astronomy Club meets weekly for research discussions. Members are active participants in the Astronomy Remote Control Center (ARCC). They remotely operate two of the world’s premier radio telescopes and help search for pulsars. Questions? Contact Astronomy Club.