Physics Major

General Requirements

11016_LH_UWM_Raicu_044Dr. Raicu with a laser setup.

All options require that students take at least 15 credits in advanced-level courses (numbered 300 and above) in residence at UWM. The College requires that students attain a 2.000 GPA on all major credits attempted, including transfer work. In addition, the College also has requirements regarding the minimum number of credits at the 300-level and above (36 credits, with at least 30 credits from courses approved as advanced L&S natural science), and for General Education Requirements – please check with an L&S advisor for the latest information.

All students in the College are required to complete a research experience in their majors. Physics majors meet this requirement by successfully completing one of the following upper-level, 3-credit laboratory courses (Physics 406, 408, 409, and 670):

How do I declare my Physics major?

See this page for details on how to declare a Physics major.

Planning Your Major

Details of courses and their prerequisites can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Standard Physics Major

A typical course of study for the standard physics major (including the math co- and prerequisites) is:

Fall Spring
Year 1 Physics 209 and 214 Physics 210 and 215
(Math 232(C)) (Math 233(C))
Year 2 Physics 309 (Math 234(C)) Physics 3171
Physics 3701 Physics 411
Physics 325
Year 3 Physics 420 (Math 325(P)) Physics 422
Physics 441 (Math 325(C)) Physics 442
Advanced Physics Lab2

1: Important change: Physics 370 will be offered in the Fall starting Fall 2018 and Physics 317 will be offered in the Spring starting Spring 2019. Please see Recent Approved Prerequisite Changes for details regarding changes to the pre- and corequisites for Physics 370.

2: You should talk to the Physics Advisor to discuss which electives and advanced laboratories to take and during which semester.

Recent Approved Prerequisite Changes

As of February 14, 2018 the following Physics course prerequisite changes have been approved (may not immediately appear in the Undergraduate Course Catalog, Course Timetables, or other listings):

1. Physics 370 – Analytical and Numerical Methods in Physics; Physics 210 (Prerequisite), Math 234 (Corequisite) or ElecEng 234 (Corequisite) or consent of the instructor.

Physics Colloquia and Seminars

The Physics Colloquium and Seminar Program is a series of physics talks for faculty members, postdocs, graduate and advanced undergraduate students, and the public interested in physics.

A list of upcoming colloquia and seminars is posted on the departmental home page. Everyone is welcome to attend.