The Academic Enrichment Team works one-on-one with students to provide academic support, study aids, tips for reading/listening comprehension, and more.

We invite you to meet with one of our three Learning Specialists to maximize your academic experience at UWM School of Nursing.

Resources for Students

UWM Academic Enrichment Team provides individualized support to students in addition to connecting students to other resources on-campus and beyond.

I started meeting with Tamara to study for Pathophysiology exams. In just one session I went from knowing little of nothing to doing well in class and understanding the material. Tamara’s use of real-world examples and analogies made Pathophysiology fun and helped me develop full confidence that I can do well on the exam.

Kadi AndersonNursing Student

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Ebony Cobb
  • Academic Success Coordinator
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  • Retention Specialist

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