Chapter VII

Quizlet Chapter VII

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oculus, -ī (m.) eye lacrima, -ae, (f.) tear ōstiārius, -ī (m.) doorman mālum, -ī (n.) apple ōsculum, -ī (n.) kiss formosus, -a, -um shapely, beautiful plēnus, -a, -um full (of) +genetive exspectatk, exspectāre to await, to expect tenet, tenēre to hold aperit, aperīre to open, to disclose vertit, vertere to turn terget, tergēre to wipe, to clean advenit, advenīre to arrive inest, inesse to be in dat, dare to give adit, adīre to go towards currit, currere to run exit, exīre to go out sē himself, herself, itself hic, haec, hoc this immō on the contrary, nōnne isn’t it? et…et both…and nōn solum…sed etiam not only…but also illīc there, in that place cuī to whom datīvus, -a, -um …