Chapter VI

Quizlet Chapter VI

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ā, ab+abl away from
āctivus, -a, -um active
ad+acc to, towards
amulat, ambulāre to walk
amīca, -ae (f.) friend
amīcus, -ī (m.) friend
ante+acc before, in front of
apud+acc with, among, near
autem however
circum+acc around
duodecim twelve
equus, ī (m.) horse
fessus, -a, -um tired
inimīcus, -ī (m.) enemy
inter+acc among, between
intrat, intrāre to enter
it, īre to go
itaque and so
lectīca litter, bier, palanquin, couch
locātīvus, -a, -um locative
longus, -a, -um long
malus, -a, -um bad, evil
mūrus, ī (m.) wall
nam for, because
passīvus, -a, -um passive
per+acc through
porta, -ae, (f.) door, gate
portat, portāre to carry
post+acc after, behind
praepositio, praepositionis (f.) preposition
procul ab+abl far from
prope+acc near
quō? to where
saccus, ī (m.) bag, wallet
tam…quam as…as
tam so
timet, timēre to fear
umerus, -ī (m.) shoulder
unde? from where? whence?
vehit, vehere to ride, carry
via, -ae (f.) road, way