Why UWM German?

First of all consider the possibilities you have by making German the language of your choice and then take a look at the competitive environments of international business, where the language of the trade is often the language of the client. A businessperson’s ability to communicate in the language of the customer and to behave in the various social situations appropriately is essential.

Learning German at UWM opens doors, helps you to be a global citizen. From Angst to Zeitgeist and Schadenfreude, not to mention the number of cognates, German is fun to learn. Just see for yourself:  You say tomato, Germans say Tomate. German is useful, as it is the most commonly used language on the internet after English. It is a recommended language for scientists but also spoken by 120 million people. Germany provides annually 2000 scholarships to U.S students and is one of the major economic forces. Here at UWM we also offer regular scholarships to our majors and minors, as well as to those studying abroad through the Wisconsin-Hessen Exchange.

You can find out more about our faculty, options for studying German as a major or minor, study abroad to Germany, as well as our current and upcoming courses here:

Please also feel free to contact UWM German Program Coordinator Dr. Jonathan Wipplinger ( with any questions!