Scholarships Opportunities 2022-23

2022-23 Scholarships Now Open!

College-Wide for any major in L&S. Multiple Scholarships ranging from $500-$3,500.


Students apply through the UWM Scholarship Portal at

To apply:
– Fill out the UWM general scholarship application.
– Fill out the L&S scholarship application, which consists of just one question.
– Upload a copy of your UWM transcript showing your Fall 2021 grades.

*There is no other specific application that is needed for all of these L&S college-wide scholarships.*
*Graduating Seniors are not eligible.*

If you need help using the portal, there is a helpful video tutorial that can be found here: 

JAMS SPECIFIC Scholarships open, too!

While you are in the portal, don’t forget to also apply for JAMS specific scholarships at:

Students in the Journalism or Media Studies track are strongly encouraged to apply.